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All Elliot could see was barren land. He couldn’t see how they could ever survive out here and wondered why on Earth they had left. Sitting under a strange sun with dark foreboding skies he felt lower than ever he had for many a year.

Samuel, on the other hand, saw a land of possibilities. The land looked coarse and unruly but he knew it could be tamed.  The sun was warm and the skies promised rain.

“Nineteen years we have travelled to get here, and look. We will never survive here. I’d vote for turning back if anyone would listen.” Elliot picked up a rock and threw  it into the dust.

“Back? To where? To what?” Samuel asked. “There’s nowhere to go back to. We made sure of that. Years of plundering everything the Earth had to offer. We were some of the lucky ones. We got out. We got away.”

“But look.” Elliot threw his arms out wide indicating the wide expanse of  the desolate landscape. “Frying pan and fire spring to mind.” He couldn’t see how leaving Earth had helped. “We should have stayed and sorted things out.”

“People had been trying that for years. There was little left to sort out when we left. The bankers, the politicians wanted nothing to do with saving the world, no matter how short-sighted that was. They were only keen in making themselves look good and in lining their own pockets. At least here we have some chance of  a new start.” Samuel smiled at Elliot in what he hoped was a reassuring way.

“So how do we change this to a place we can live in ?”  Elliot asked.

“Well first of all we’re lucky the atmosphere is breathable, even if a bit heavy. All we have to do now is plant the seeds we brought with us and tend them. Then we just sit back and watch this landscape change from dust and scrub to lush greenery. We really can make it so, Elliot. Trust me.”

Elliot looked as his father and wondered how he could remain so positive. The journey to their new land had been gruelling. Many had not survived. Their community was down to just a couple of hundred. His father had made it sound so simple. Changing this landscape to one that could support them would take more than just planting a few seeds Elliot knew. Despite his heavy heart he would give it a go. He had to, what else was there?

“A new day, a new world, a new start.” Samuel said as he ruffled Elliot’s hair and turned back towards the ship.  “Come on we’ve work to do,” he added.

08 - barren landscape

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The Sky

Lying in the grass looking up at the wide blue sky everything seemed possible. Just seeing the huge expanse of blue stretching out forever into infinity was inspiring. It made such a change to the dreary grey sky of home. Even the clouds seemed brighter than those he was used to.

Peter looked to his right where the love of his life was sprawled enjoying the warmth of the sun, such a rare treat for them on the first day of the year. Back home it would be below zero and venturing out would not be a happy option, especially as if they had been back in London  they would most definitely been at the club to celebrate the new year and would both be nursing hangovers from Hades. Last night’s dinner in the hotel had been perfect.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Alex whispered reaching for Peter’s hand.

“That the sky is so blue,” Peter replied.

“Well not quite what I thought,” Alex rolled over. “About our future, is what I thought.”

“Well that too.” Peter sighed. “The New Year always makes me think of the past and the future all at once.”

“I know.” Alex sat up and moved into Peter’s embrace.

“But the sky is so big, so blue, so amazing,” Peter reiterated. “And… oh my …. look.”

Alex looked up too. The sky was indeed blue but not only that it was shimmering, but not from heat from something else.

“What the…”?! Peter exclaimed. The air around them was changing. It felt highly charged; vibrating almost.

“Look,” Alex pointed

Peter’s gaze followed the direction of Alex’s pointing hand. For a moment he could say nothing. His mouth had dried up and his tongue felt like it was stuck to the roof of his mouth. Even his thoughts stopped as he tried to take in what he was seeing.

“Is this for real?” he eventually managed to ask. “Is this for real?”

01 Sky blue

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Falling out of bed Adam glared at the alarm clock that had woken him from his delicious slumber. Its fiery red numerals told him it was already eight o’clock.  He didn’t exactly hate his new alarm clock, but he did prefer the old one he had before his new life began.

‘Already eight o’clock’ he mused, he wasn’t sure just how long he had slept but he felt well rested and ready for the hours ahead. In two short hours he had a date with destiny.  A lot of planning had gone into this day and in just a couple of hours everything would come to fruition. His glare changed to a smile as he considered what he was going to do at Ten am…

9 - 10am

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“Come on, Wayne, you’re going to love this I know you are.” Sadie pulled on Wayne’s arm to try to get him to move a little faster

“Yeah, yeah, right,” Wayne muttered, although he was intrigued to see what Sadie was dragging him to this time.

Sadie had an eye for the ridiculous, or for the different as she preferred to say, and every time she made a new discovery she insisted that Wayne tag along to witness her find. Wayne understood her need to have her findings verified, and for over ninety percent of the time he was pleased that Sadie chose him.

So far Sadie had dragged him to an incredible waterfall just on the edge of the local moors, which strangely still remained a pretty well-kept secret despite its location near to civilisation. The way the water cascaded over the rocks and caught bursts of sunlight as it fell was truly spectacular, but not quite the magical experience, at least for Wayne, that Sadie had promised.

Just a month ago Sadie had dragged Wayne into a series of caves to show him a grouping of limestone stalactites and stalagmites that really did look like bodies encased in rock. They had reported their findings to the police, just in case they were human remains, but nothing came of the discovery. It seemed the rocks were just limestone, or at least if there were bodies under the years of limescale, no-one was interested in researching any further to find out any more. The police had suggested they had had enough on their hands dealing with the current crimes and could not expend any energy in possible crimes from a previous century.

Wayne pondered what Sadie was dragging him towards. They had never gone quite so far away from the village before. It was funny how Sadie always knew the best times to call for him and how she always managed to get her own way in encouraging him to follow her on her expeditions. Today was his regularly scheduled day off and Sadie had shown up at his door early with a bag and the biggest of smiles , that she always used to get him to tag along with her.

“You’ve got nothing on , today,have you?” she had asked, like she already knew the answer.

“Well…” he had replied as a stalling mechanism.

“Well, nothing, Wayne. Come on this time you’ll really see. this time it really is magic. Come on before the day gets away with us,” Sadie had cajoled, and that was how it was that he was now trudging through long grass and bracken through a section of the moors he’d never traversed before to find out just what Sadie had come across this time.

A few minutes later Sadie stopped and offered Wayne a drink of water from a bottle in her bag. “I’ve got sandwiches if you’re hungry,” she suggested, “But I thought we might want those later,” she added closing her bag before Wayne could say either yes or no to her offer.

“Are we nearly there yet?” Wayne asked jokingly.

“Yes, we are actually” Sadie replied, a twinkle in her eye. “Just over that hill there and round the corner.” She said and set off again.

“How on earth do you find these places, Sade?” Wayne asked. “It’s not like they’re signposted.”

“I’m just kind of drawn to them. I feel a pull, and off I go. It’s just a kind of luck really,” Sadie shouted back over her shoulder.

They carried on over the hill and round the corner just as Sadie had said and then entered a small area of trees.

“Just in here,” Sadie said crossing through the trees towards a mound of earth. “Come on, and you’ll have to duck down a bit so as not to hit your head.”

“I’m right behind you,” Wayne said as Sadie slipped into a small hole in the mound of earth, disappearing from his sight, as if by magic.

“Sadie?” Wayne called after her.

“Come on Wayne. Just push through the hole like I did. you’re going to be amazed.”

Wayne did as he was told. He moved towards the hole and squeezed into it, into what he first thought was another cave Sadie had found. As his eyes adjusted to  the change in light he realised he could not have been further from the truth. This was no ordinary cave, this was something definitely man-made, or made by somebody or something.

“Wow, Sadie, what is it? This is amazing” Wayne asked as he surveyed the interior of what looked like some kind of futuristic space-ship.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Sadie told him, “But look here. This looks like some kind of ship’s log, and if I’m reading it correctly it’s been here forever.”

Wayne sidled up beside Sadie to take a look at what she had pointed out.  The numbers and icons did give the impression that the ship, or whatever it was, had been there forever.

“This is amazing,” Wayne repeated. “The words, numbers and icons suggest it’s been here forever, but they are displayed on something that is so similar to an i-pad, or tablet screen. Have you touched it?”

“Touched it?” Sadie asked, her eyes wide with wonder. “No way. I didn’t know what would happen. But now that we’re both her I suppose we could try.”

“But, like you said, we’ve no idea what might happen. Do you think we’re the first to ever have found it?” Wayne was intrigued as to what they had found but also nervous about what could happen should they touch the tablet and start something happening.

“Perhaps it’s been waiting for us.” Sadie suggested.

“Sounds a bit fanciful,  and how could something that looks like its been her forever still look like it’s from the future?”  Wayne sat down on one of the strange little seats. “Let’s have a sandwich and think. Cheese if you’ve got one” Wayne knew this was a good choice as Sadie always brought cheese sandwiches on their outings.

Sadie nodded to indicate that was the type of sandwiches she had brought.  She opened her bag and passed Wayne one, taking another out for herself at the same time. She too sat on one of the funny little chairs and looked around her as she chewed thoughtfully.

For a while neither of them said anything, they simply ate in silence marvelling at what they had found.

As Wayne finished his last mouthful he smiled at Sadie. “As I see it we’ve got two choices. One: we touch this notepad thingy and see what happens, or Two: we go tell the authorities what we’ve found and hand over the whole thing to them.”

“I vote option one,” Sadie said. “I don’t want to hand over our ship to some clinical scientists. Let’s see what happens. It may not do anything, or it may fly us to the stars. In which case I’ve another round of sandwiches for our tea.” She smiled an winked at Wayne.

“And if it whisks us off to a galaxy far far away what will Rob say?” Wayne asked. Rob was Sadie’s step-father and guardian. Since her mum’s death a couple of years previously she had no more blood relatives.

“Well, assuming he notices I’ve gone, I guess he’ll first of all wonder where his dinner is.” Sadie giggled nervously. “Besides, nothing might even happen.”

“I’d vote for number one too, although I’m half scared to death about what might happen,” Wayne said. “We really don’t know what kind of trouble we might be getting ourselves into.”

“So that’s two votes for option number one, and no abstentions- let’s do it Wayne, we’ve nothing to lose. If we don’t we could regret it forever, and regret is far more scary than fear.”

Wayne thought for a second or two more. “Okay, let’s do it together. We’ll put our hands over the tablet thing together, and press it together.”

They moved back towards the tablet and held their hands over the screen.

“On three,” Sadie said staring into Wayne’s eyes. “One, Two, Three….”

and they both pressed the tablet’s screen together….

09.05 - here forever


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Sergi stared out the window at the blackness that was broken by the occasional stars and satellites. At least they were sharing their bursts of light in what otherwise would have been an impenetrable void of nothingness.

For seventy three years now the way-station had been orbiting the Earth waiting for the levels of toxic gases to drop sufficiently for the passengers to return to what had been their home. Two generations had now been born away from the land of their ancestors. Still it didn’t appear that any return  to the homeland would be happening soon.  According to the official data the Earth would be a toxic wasteland for at least another generation.

As the way-station turned the Earth came into view. Sergi marvelled at the brightly coloured gases swirling around in what was once a breathable atmosphere. He knew from his history modules that the Earth had once shone in much more natural colours of blue and green as it had reflected the light of what everyone said was a dying sun. The changes that had been brought about were all down to man’s greed and hunger.

Sergi was the last descendant on the way-station of one of the luckier families that had relocated before the troubles had got too bad. He knew it had not been the same for everyone. His parents had told him often enough how lucky he was to be living on one of the five way-stations, but that didn’t stop him wondering how, or if , anyone was still alive down there.

Although the history module about the gradual exodus from Earth wasn’t clear about the selection process Sergi was well aware that it wouldn’t have been a fair or even well-executed process. He had managed to access some files in  the main computer slamdrives through his handpod which clearly showed the levels of panic and hysteria rising as people realised that they would not have a safe passage off the Earth, and survival on what had been their green and pleasant land was questionable.

Sergi had mastered the skill which was once called hacking. He was adept at finding his way into any techno-storage and active system alike. That morning he had made one of his biggest breakthroughs. He had scored a direct hit to an earthbound computer. By accessing the way-station share-web he had realigned his signal Earthwards. He thought he might be able to access some long-closed files to find out more  about what the earth was like before the troubles. What he actually linked into was an active drive. Not only was it active, it was also in use at the very moment he accessed it.

The Earthbound system was clearly far more primitive than anything on any of the way-stations, but it allowed two way communication. At the same time as Sergi had hacked into the earthbound system it seemed someone on earth was trying to do the same in reverse. Opening the way-station data-path up he had actively allowed the Earth-hacker entrance into the way-station’s on-board nova-frame. As the hacker linked in Sergi intercepted the action and sent a message direct to the earthbound user.

‘Data connection disallowed,’ he sent to the earthbound hacker. ‘Please identify yourself for access.’

‘Panayang Tunode.’ was the enigmatic reply.

‘What is your intention?’ Sergi sent another message.

‘Panayang Tunode. Contact requested. Is responder human or datal?’ came back to Sergi.

‘You are in contact with a human replying through a handpod on way-station three. Please identify yourself and state what you want.’

Sergi’s heart was beating faster and his breath was coming in shorter gasps. he had been led to believe that if any life was left on Earth it would have been so mutated by now that communication would have been impossible. Intelligent life was widely reported to be impossible. Yet here and now Sergi appeared to be communicating with a live person on Earth.

Sergi’s mind was agile and he was thinking quickly as he typed. He soon realised that what he had found out could be dangerous for him as there was no way that he was the only person on the way-stations to know about life on Earth. The Supreme Magistrate and Elders council had to know what was happening. After all they were the ones that had been monitoring Earth since the evacuation.

‘I am Panayang Tunode, who are you… why won’t any of you help. we are your brothers and sisters, we are ….’

The communication link dropped out. Sergi hoped that it was because of  atmospherics, and not because he had been found out. He tried to reestablish a connection but was unable to do so. He noted the nodes and digital signature for the caller and promised himself he would call again when the way-station’s orbit permitted.

All of a sudden the door to his cabin opened. His sponsor walked in with a scowl distorting her usually pretty features.

“Sergi, I need to talk to you as a matter of utmost importance and security…” she began.

Sergi was sure the game was up. “I’m all ears,” he said as congenially as possible.


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This is one possible follow up to a previous post HERE

====        ====        ====

“Don’t you want water with that?” the blond said as she pulled up a chair at Eugene’s table. “May I join you?”

“It really doesn’t need diluting and yes of course,” Eugene replied smoothly. The blond had given him the prompt and he had replied with the correct response code.

Eugene had been waiting for the last half an hour for his contact to arrive. The bar had been carefully chosen for the rendezvous.It was dark and smokey inside, with intimate booths around its walls. Each of the booths seemed to in use by couples taking part in illicit assignations. There was little chance that anyone would take any notice of just another couple in another booth.

Eugene’s contact had turned out to be a tall bond woman, probably in her mid-twenties. She had an attractive face and an alluring body, as far as Eugene could tell. Her body suggested that she was a gym and exercise aficionado. Some may even have said a swimmer’s body. Around her neck she was wearing a red and purple patterned scarf which matched the one on the chair beside Eugene. This was how they recognised each other in the first instance.

“Can I get you a drink?” Eugene asked signalling to the waiter that he wanted to order, even though he had not touched the one in front of him.

“Gin and Water, please,” the blond told the waiter.

“I’m fine,” Eugene said waving toward his glass.

As the waiter moved away Eugene held out his hand, “Eugene,” he said.

The blond woman took his hand and shook it. “Elise,” she said.

“Nice,almost as if prearranged,” Eugene commented.

“I’m sorry?” Elise held cocked her head to one side to emphasize her question.

“Elise meets Eugene, E -E, sounds like it could have been prearranged.” Eugene let go of Elise’s hand and swirled the drink around in his glass.

“Everything is prearranged , Eugene, it is just that sometimes we don’t acknowledge it.” Elise said enigmatically.

“Of course,” Eugene replied as the waiter returned with Elise’s drink.

“So what happens now?” he asked after the waiter had moved away.

“You made it known that you wanted contact with us through our website and followed it up.  Everything has been carried out in the manner to which we are agreed.  I have been assigned to bring you home if that is what you still want.” Elise explained.

“Home,” Eugene mused, “Sounds good.”

“It is.” Elise replied. “Everyone there has a special talent. The one we possess is pretty unique. There are only three of us which can liquefy at will. It is  a place whee you will feel safe and appreciated. Shall we?” she asked.

Eugene nodded and a few minutes later they had left the bar.

The waiter had been watching them carefully since Elise had arrived and saw what happened. He could hardly believe his eyes. After Eugene had nodded they both disappeared, leaving a pile of clothes on their chairs and payment for the untouched drinks on the table. On the floor two puddles of water moved across the floor towards the drain, headed home.



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On Tuesday just before I got into bed a name came into my head – Aralyn. She told me she was a pixie-like being and asked me to tell her story. I made a note of her name and this afternoon sat down and wrote her story, about the imprisoned princess, Allishaya, and the evil Shungrosters. Whilst uploading the story to the site it disappeared completely, even the saved copy on the PC. Was this the work of the dastardly Shungrosters, or a computer blip?  I have now set about recreating the story.


This time things were serious. This time things had been taken too far. This time a basic solution wouldn’t work. This time what would be needed would be Magic.

“It looks like it’s down to just the five of us to rescue Princess Allishaya,” Aralyn said to get the meeting of the Elders under-way. The five Elders that were available to meet this day were Aralyn, Olithone, Vilore, Manie and Dranten. Sitting in their chestnut chairs in the centre of the great open space in the forest that had to come up with a way to rescue the Princess before it was too late.

“But how?,” Vilore asked, “Air-cells are impossible to break into or out of.”

Now for those of you that don’t know and air cell is a prison in the sky that has no apparent connection to the Earth. They were created by the Shungrosters. They are tethered tot he ground by way of three anchor cords which are invisible to anyone but the Shungrosters. If these cords are touched they break and can send the air-cell into space never to be seen again. It was in one of these air-cells that the Shungrosters were keeping Princess Allishaya prisoner.

“There has to be a way, and we have to find it,” said Olithone. “All we need is something that can get us near to the cell, but stay safely away from the cords.”

“How about a soap bubble. That could get us up there.” Dranten offered.

“That’s a great idea, Dranten, but how would we get inside one without breaking it?” Olithone asked practically.

“Couldn’t we ask Mystiana to help us with that? Perhaps she could create a door in a bubble?” Dranten further suggested.

“But soap bubbles are very unstable and could burst at any time. We wouldn’t be able to steer them either,” Aralyn told them.

“Those Shungrosters are so dastardly,” Vilore said frustratedly.

At that moment a dandelion head floated by on the wind.

“That’s it,” Aralyn shouted out pointing to the dandelion head. “With the help of Mystiana we can turn dandelion heads into our flying machines.”

Although Brimians had wings they were  cursed to remain flightless until the day a Brimian princess married a prince from the far away land of Lathinia. IT was hoped that Princess Allishaya would be that princess, but time was running short for her  because the far away Lathinian prince was already starting the process to find himself a wife.

“Come along, grab some now and let’s go see Mystiana.” Aralyn told the others.

They each enthusiastically gathered up a few dandelion heads to take to Mystiana. Vilore was the only one who thought this too would be a fools errand.

—   —

“Mystiana?” Aralyn called as they reached Mystiana’s caravan. “Mystiana we need your help for we have an idea of how to rescue the princess.”

“And what is your plan?” asked Mystiana as she came down the step of her caravan. Mystiana was the most potent  Charm-Weaver of the Brimians. She was incredibly beautiful and spoke with a deep whispery voice. “Aha dandelion heads?”

“Yes, we were wondering if you could somehow turn these into flying machines to get us close to the air-cell and rescue the princess?” Olithone asked.

“With the book of Dulcene and a bit of work from us all I think we can weave magic here. First we will need some four leaf clovers. Their innate magic will ad to the charm from the book of Dulcene, and they will be excellent seats.”

“We’ll go find some,” Vilore suggested. He was more hopeful now, and grabbing Manie’s hand they went off to find some four leaf clovers.

Meanwhile Mystiana instructed the others in how to group the dandelion heads and add steering devices with gossamer threads while she consulted the book of Dulcene for a suitable charm.

Almost at the same time as the work was completed in Mystiana’s caravan Vilore and Manie arrived back with their arms full of four leaf clovers.

“Perfect,” Mystiana told them as she took one of the four leaf clovers and attached it to a dandelion head. At the same time she performed the charm.

“OK, Aralyn. Take a seat and let’s try this out.” Mystiana said.

Aralyn took her place on teh clover leaf under the dandelion head but didn’t know what to do to get it airborne.

“Unfurl your wings,” Mystiana instructed, ” and move them to and throw as you run forward.”

Aralyn did as she as told and in seconds she was in the air.

“Use your wings and the reins to steer,” Mystiana shouted after her.

It was soon clear that the dandelion head were perfect for flying. Mystiana added clover leaves to the others and everyone started to practise flying.

“We’re flying again. Soon we will bring the legend to truth and our wings will unfurl naturally and we will fly without the use of our dandelion helicopters” shouted Vilore as he flew in and out of the trees.

After a while everyone landed again near Mystiana’s caravan.

“Well that’s part one of the problem solved. But we need to be able to miss the anchor cords,” Aralyn said as she sat facing the others. “But they are invisible to anyone except the Shungrosters.”

“Then we shall have to come up with another charm and a natural way to see these infernal cords,” Vilore suggested. “It’s time to put on our thinking heads again.”

“I think I know the perfect charm,” Mystiana told them, but first we need something to work it on”

“Tell us and we will go and what you need,” Vilore told her.

“What we need will not be found until the early morning, when we can finalise our plan,” Mystiana said, “So for now we should hide away our dandelion helicopters and prepare ourselves for a big day tomorrow, when we will free princes Allishaya.”



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