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What If?

In the writing group to which I am more than happy to say I belong Natalie has given us a challenging prompt: 
To write a piece (short story, paragraph, poem, whatever you like) but based on an event in your life where you could have chosen a different path, think parallel universe… If you had said yes or no to a particular event where would you be now?


“What’s for tea, I’m starving,” I asked dropping my bag on the floor. It’s about as deep as our conversation eveer got these days.

“It’s Friday, so it’ll be takeaway, just like it is every Friday. I’m off out with the girls in a minute, so you’re in charge. Katie says she wants Chinese tonight. You know where the menus are.” Cheryl smiled thinly and picked up her bag before moving towards the door. Her night out with the girls. Moments later I heard her car door slam and the engine revving as she set off for her version of freedom.

We’d been together almost twenty years, and were hitting our forties and still she had to have her night out with the girls. How I would love to have a night out with the boys, but that isn’t going to happen. What a mess.

Married at twenty one, just like Mum wanted, though she’s gone now I’m sure she would have wanted me to be happy rather than just fitting in. Standing here in the kitchen I’m not even sure I’m doing that.

Three kids by the time we  were in our thirties, all by IVF. I guess that says it all really. Kids were never really on my agenda, but Cheryl wanted them, “You know your mum would be thrilled with grandkids,” she had taunted, so we went down the IVF route. That was about a year after she had found out.  Magnanimously she forgave me. Her words not mine.

Woken from my reverie by the crash of doors and the kids arriving in from their after school activities I grabbed the Chinese takeaway menu from beside the calendar; Cheryl’s calendar, or to be more correct Cheryl’s hot Miami fire fighters calendar. Staring at the bare-chested,m muscle bound hunk that is March’s offering and wonder why I lost the courage to be me, to say who i really was, to say no to their lies and yes to a life of true love and fulfillment.

21 -miami firefigher


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A story in just 50 words (no more, no less)

Sipping her cocktail she gave nothing away. She was as cool as Ice. Only the barman had any inkling of what was going on. He had seen her in action many a time. Daniel, her mark that night had no idea until he left the bar and missed his wallet.

2014-12-21 Edward Hopper_Nighthawk_Painting

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“As the nights of  winter prolong the cold how I long for the yellow of the sun, for days of carefree clothlessness, for warmth from the sky and for my vitality to be returned to me. This existence is like nights of winter which are marked by cold and darkness and chill, but the rising of the yellow sun revives, yet I no longer have the yellow sun as a friend. There are even some who still believe I would fear it for it should end me, but those days are gone.”

“Joseph, you are such a drama queen, such a yellow belly-ed  wastrel, come lie here with me. I’ll give you the warmth of which you talk so eloquently. We have no need of the yellow sun.”

“Drama queen, yellow belly, wastrel. For those names I could leave you forever, but for the warmth I know you hold for me. But what of Eugene, are you not his?” Joseph approached her.

“Joseph I was never truly his. Come drink from me. The time is right, and perhaps one day soon you will change me, allow me to cross.”

“And then where would I get the warmth, my love?” Joseph loomed over Violet and began to drink her warmth as he remembered his days in the sun.


01 -yellow


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My Drink

“She put something in my drink,” I shouted, but no one listened.

“She put something….” I tried again, but still no one listened, or perhaps it was just that no-one heard me. 

We had been talking at the bar of this amazing new club I’d just found. It was called “Magick Rulz”. I’d seen an ad for it on a social network site and was walking distance from my flat I decided to give it a go. 

When I arrived I was met by one of the hostesses. Nothing sleazy mind, she was just there to tell me about he club rules and introduce me to some other members should I decide to join up. The first thing she did though was take me to teh bar and arrange an account with the barman.  I ordered a beer and she had the same.

We were talking for some time before she pointed out another new member on the other side of the room. As I looked away I thought she slipped something into my beer, but she didn’t seem the type to do that so I drank up anyway.

Moments later I had the strangest feeling that I was falling and that the room was moving away from me. That’s when I started shouting, but the rest of the room didn’t seem to notice me or my predicament.

I looked up to where my hostess was standing, now towering above me. She was smiling and waving a finger in my direction as if saying ‘No,No.No’.  Gradually that finger came closer and I was carried away to another place… Now I knew the place was called “Magick Rulz” but this was crazy….

15 - My drink


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Joanna had been wandering round the art gallery following the guide for what seemed like hours. She checked her watch only to see that there was still at least twenty minutes left of the tour. Wondering why her mum had insisted on bringing her to this boring old place to look at stuffy old paintings she sighed loudly.

Joanna’s mum had heard her daughter’s sighs but hoped that she would eventually become interested. This was after all her birthday surprise, and although Joanna didn’t know it yet it was going to be magical.  Looking down her mum smiled what she hoped was a reassuring smile and brushed Joanna’s hair out of her eyes with a loving gesture.

Joanna smiled back and took her mum’s hand in hers. Even though she was bored by the pictures she was glad to be spending time with her mum on a busy Saturday. She knew her mum had arranged to get this day off work especially for her and that all manner of treats were planned so she tried her best to tune in to what the guide was saying.

“… One of the last before the artist’s death from cholera…” the guide droned on. Joanna watched the guide as he spoke and noticed the details of his face. He may have had a boring voice but he had a very interesting face Joanna decided. To her he looked really old, at least thirty, or even forty she thought. His eyes were bright blue and every now and then he caught Joanna’s gaze and smiled at her, even winking now and then. He had a well trimmed beard and moustache, and big lips, which Joanna watched as he spoke. His hair was cut short  all over, but he had big bushy eyebrows that wriggled as he spoke and when he made faces as he described the paintings.

“And now to one of my favourites…” he said as they arrived in front of another painting. Joanna glanced at the painting quickly then back at the guide. It didn’t look very special to her. She felt her mum’s hand tighten slightly on her hand and looked up to see her smiling brightly as she looked at the painting. Joanna guessed that it was one of her mum’s favourites too. Her mum had told her about how her dad, Granddad Roger, had brought her to the very same gallery for her eighth birthday as well.

Looking back at the guide Joanna felt sure he was staring directly at her as he spoke, as if what he was saying was meant for her ears only. Some of the others in their group were looking round at the other paintings in the room, not paying attention to him at all.

The guide smiled directly at Joanna and nodded. “The devil is in the details.” he said. “This artist had an eye for magic and painted like no other.” He stopped and nodded his head in the direction of the painting.

“Look closely and you will see the important and magical details.” Joanna was sure that he was speaking directly to her now so turned to look more closely at the painting to see if she could see what he was going on about.

As she turned she noticed that her mum’s gaze was fixed on the painting, and that she was still smiling happily. Joanna tried to see where exactly her mum was looking and stared at exactly the same spot herself. To start with she didn’t notice anything special then all of a sudden something caught her eye. It was as if something in the painting moved. She looked even more closely and was sure she could see someone moving in the painting. She looked back at the guide who nodded even more obviously and whispered, “You see it now, don’t you?” He smiled broadly. Joanna was sure no one else had heard his words .

Joanna turned her head back to the painting at watched it closely again. Sure enough there were figures in the painting that were moving. She closed her eyes tightly and opened them again to be sure she wasn’t seeing things. The painting itself didn’t appear to change at all, but there in the details were little people going about their daily lives. It was as if there was a town within the town of the painting. The main figures and buildings appeared lifeless but if you looked really closely there was a whole town moving around the painting. Joanna felt as if  she were looking through a window from a high rise building. She was truly mesmerised and watched the scenes unfolding before her eyes.

Joanna felt her mum squeeze her hand again and looked up into her face. Her mum nodded just like the guide had nodded earlier. “How’s that for a magical birthday surprise?” she asked.

09 -details


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Swearing about having promised himself to tidy out the cupboards a thousand times Simon leaned deeper in to try and find the exact utensil he was looking for.  The ingredients for the special cake sitting on top of the work surface forgotten for the time being.

As he leaned further into the cupboard he spotted a dish he’d forgotten he’d even owned, let alone used at any time.  “I must drag that out and make use of that soon,” he said, knowing full well that it would sit there for another unmeasured length of tiem before he found it again and though the same.

“What the….,” he suddenly said, spotting a hole at the back of the cupboard. He leaned in even more. If anyone had come into the kitchen at that moment they would only have seen his thighs and feet sticking out.

Balancing slightly precariously on one elbow he used his other hand to stick an investigative finger in the hole. Wiggling it around he made the hole slightly bigger.

“Damn and blast, that’s going to need repairing,” he said as he pulled his finger out.

Once his finger was out of the hole he noticed that there was a dim light shining from the hole he had made, or increased. Now his curiosity was piqued. He needed to know where that light was coming from.

Shuffling his body around the plates and dishes in the cupboard he squeezed in even further until his head was touching the back wall. He lined his eye up with the hole and spied through it.  “So that’s where all the missing things have gone,” he said quietly as he looked on an amazing scene. “Very Narnia,” he added. “So looks like I’m going to get my Alice moment after all,” he quietly whispered referring to the girl who visited her own wonderland.

08 -Utensil

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