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Nanowrimo – Day One

Nanowrimo challenge day one and I’m happy to report things are going great guns. I hope everyone else who is participating is as happy with their progress too…

Screenshot 2015-11-01 16.43.13

I am pleased to report that  I’ve surpassed the daily minimum necessary to complete (1,666) having got just over 2,000 words on the page.
It’s a new genre for me and I’m loving it. Suspense and thrills – well at least I hope that’s how it reads. And I have a special feeling for my heroine and Hero.

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I’ve not really had the ‘ganas’ to write lately but as the Nanowrimo challenge starts again tomorrow for 30 days I’ve decided to take part despite busy house stuff going on, and have even had a thought about my story.
I have a list of over 150 one word prompts which I am going to use on a daily basis to build said story. If that doesn’t quite work it may be a load of short stories…. I have chosen the first prompt: number 27 – Mistakes, which is the working title for the whole thing.
Anyway I am writing again…. Tomorrow I will post the first couple of paragraphs of the story as it unfolds… it’ll be raw and unedited and I’d love to get your opinions ….
Thank you for hanging on (if you have)


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On my way back

2015-07-13 I've been meaning to write



For anyone who has been following my heartfelt thanks for staying loyal. 

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!!! NOTICE !!!

Writey Ho may be online less than usual
over the next FIVE days

Family Vacation time.

If time allows there may be an update
if not we’ll see you next week when Pete’s story will continue

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Currently Reading

The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules

07 Currently reading

Halfway through.

Book two for 2015.

With an intention to read at least 25 during the year.

check out the books I read in 2014:

prompt from

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Adam, Matthew – back story

Adam’s story and Matthew’s story started out as separate tales which have coalesced into one tale of larger proportions.

I started Adam’s tale a long while back, in may 2013, (Paper)  having no idea where it was going, or even that it was going to be a series, and still am just a passenger on the journey journalling the tale. Matthew’s tale started more recently in ‘Letter‘.

Their stories are now inextricably linked. I have had a glimpse into what lies in store for them both, but the whole story is still not fully formed.

Unfortunately (or fortunately)  I am taking a break at the end of the week for a couple of weeks, but tomorrow their story will continue, and come to some kind of conclusion on my return.


Thank you for your interest – I hope you enjoy the rest of the journey with us.

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I’ve just logged in her for the first time in ages and am shocked that I haven’t been here since the end of March. IF you’ve been waiting on a tale I humbly apologise – I’ve been going through some stuff, and as i come out the other end I am readying to write again … watch this space for an update soon….


2014-05-31 -me at Gildas


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