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Something Yellow

Hot or cold, thick or runny

In a pie it’s considered funny

Crumbles and pies are better smothered

Trifle needs to be smoothly covered

More please mum, dad often begs

For this pud made with milk, sugar and eggs

Poured all over his spotted dick

Never too much to make him sick

Something I love and enjoy making

A tasty addition to sweet winter baking

02 -Something yellow

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My Special Place – TWO

Warm and surrounded by loving fur,

where my soul settles in peace

and my mind clears at the end of a day or the week;

allowing gratitude and serenity to fill my being.

A space of calm, a space of love, a space I call home.

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Morning becomes afternoon, as afternoon becomes evening

The light fades and the day cools

Memories of a day well spent

A relaxed moment in thought

Evening becomes night

15 - evening

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I care

I care for you

I care for your love

I care, for your love means everything.

14 - care


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My view today

Blue skies above rolling green fields dotted with beautiful spots of red that are the poppies that have taken up residence in the corn field. Birds flying across the almost perfect sky as they whistle and sing to each other. A perfect summer day where the sun warms my aging body and gladdens my heart. That’s my view today.

Or, at least, in my mind’s eye that’s my view today.

My true view is of a stark graying wall with no decoration except the marks added their by previous inmates, a bunk above me made of cold metal over the end of which hang the legs of my cellmate. For I am physically imprisoned for crimes against the state. Crimes of passion to help others like me remain free. The government of my diseased country impose this physical view on me but they have no power to impose my spiritual view, the view my mind can conjure.

My mind will always remain free, my view will always be of green fields, or of rolling oceans, the beauty that is ours for the asking, or in my case imagination.

03.07 - Najera - Santo Domingo (8)


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Water Wet

Water  Wild

Water Cool

Water mild

Makes for a refreshing drink,

Or for washing fill the sink

Full to bursting the rivers run

Full of danger, heaps of fun,

Giver of life and taker away

Rains that flood and over land take sway.

Water Wet

Water Wild

Water Cool

Water Mild

09 - water


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C is for …

C is for choosy, childhood and chips

C is for chocolate, China and clips

C is for charming, chortle and chase

and C is for cheeky that shows in your face

C is for canoodle, canaries and cats

C is for cockerel, chicken and chats

C is for canasta, clueless and chai

and C is for cheerio that stands for goodbye.


06 - C



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