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Part TWO can be found here: Choice

Still holding the mobile to his ear Pete was trying to think around his little problem.

“You still there?” Josh asked.

“Yeah,” came Pete’s succinct and sorry reply.

“Shall I come get you? Before it all hits the fan,” Josh was making a huge offer and Pete knew it.

“But,” Pete began.

“Sounds like you need a friend right now, and I kinda fit that bill,” Josh said sympathetically. “So stop thinking about butts for once in your life:”

“So you don’t think I did it?” Pete asked.

“Come on, mate,” Josh tried to lighten the moment, “You in bed with a gorgeous blond woman is far enough out there, let alone killing someone.”

“I didn’t say she was gorgeous.” Pete tried to smile despite his dire situation.

“If she got you to bed she’d have to be more than gorgeous. You have checked below the covers haven’t you? It’s not a drag queen is it?” Josh continued the lighter banter.

“Ha, bloody, Ha,” Pete felt slightly better, knowing that his best friend in the job trusted him and knew him well enough to pose such questions.

“Desire’s a funny thing, man,” Josh added.

“Yeah funny enough for me to get into bed with blond bird and do her in. I don’t think so.” Pete retorted.

“Now if it was a hairy arsed lorry driver with tattoos I might have my doubts, but I know you well enough and where your desire pushes you to know this is some kind of fit up. I’m coming over there right now- The East One you said right? We can and will sort this, or go down trying. And mate that isn’t an invitation.” Josh laughed as he finished his speech. “And while you’re waiting take some snaps on your phone and check around for anything that might help us.”

“You’re sure?” Pete asked.

“About which bit?” Josh parried, “None of it, in truth, but I’m not letting you get crucified for something you clearly couldn’t have done. Just promise me two things, One: you stay of the booze till we sort this, and two, keep your desire in check.” In so saying Josh hung up.

The conversation had done Pete a power of good, as he knew it would. He still had a headache from hell and a mouth like the sandpaper floor of a budgie’s cage, but he felt there might be a way out of this mess. Switching on his camera app he took photos from all angles of anything he thought might be of use. He also checked the room and en-suite for anything that might help clear his name.

‘Desire’s a funny thing,’ he repeated Josh’s words as he searched, knowing full well that it wasn’t desire that had got him into this wretched bed or into this awful situation.

03 - desire

And the next chapter can be found here: Wealth



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Part ONE can be found here: Whisper

02 - Choice

The day had not started well for Peter Ambrose Waverley. After a heavy session the night before he had woken up to find himself in a strange bed next to a dead body, with no idea how he or his bedmate had got there.

Staring at the dead eyes he had just revealed by dragging back the cover Peter moved slowly backwards and slipped out of bed. Despite the sun pouring through the window he was chilled and felt the goosebumps rising all over his now uncovered and naked body. Still staring at the face of his dead companion he sat on the chair beside the window and rubbed his aching head.

“How?” he whispered to himself, “Why?” he added.

He grabbed at hos boxers and pulled them on, wondering what he should do. His first thought was to dress quickly and get the hell out of there, but from his limited knowledge of how the homicide department worked he knew there would be forensics enough to put him at the scene and possibly charge him with murder.

Peter Ambrose Waverley had always wanted a career in the police force and since moving to London to follow the path he had started in his native Yorkshire he had at last felt that he was on the right track. His occasional benders were an open secret in the the department and he had worried they could get in the way of his moving up the ladder in the serious crime squad, now it looked like he had been right to worry.

Pete, as he was almost always known, slowly grabbed his pieces of clothing from around the room and dressed. He need to think. First of all it was clear he wasn’t in someone’s home as he had first though on waking, but was in some two-bit hotel, although just where he had no idea.  He moved over to the small table on which the flat-screen television stood. He hoped he might find a clue to his whereabouts there.  It obviously wasn’t much of a hotel he surmised as he rifled through the drawers finding nothing to give the game away.  Another though crossed his mind and he grabbed his mobile from his jacket pocket. He flicked through the screens and opened the GPS application. In seconds he had found himself, well he had found his location within a few metres and had concluded just where he was.

With just another few passes through a couple more applications on his phone he had found out that he was in the East One Inn in the East of town. He had also found out enough about the hotel on line to know it was little more than a knocking shop. Trip Adviser gave the Inn the lowest number of stars possible and the reviews on their pages suggested it was not the best place to stay.

None of the information he had found out so far helped. “Who was this woman he had woken up next to?” he asked himself as he scrabbled around her side of the bed to see if he could find a handbag or purse which might tell him. Of course his search came up blank. He found a suede jacket and checked the pòckets, but found nothing more than a few pounds in notes and a pack of chewing gum.

“Think!” he told himself out loud as he slumped back in the chair from which he had started his search.  He turned his phone over and over as the thoughts in his head similarly turned.

Finally he decided that his best bet was to call Josh. He was pretty sure they had gone on to a late bar together and it might be Josh who could unravel at least part of this mystery.

Dialling Josh’s number he realised he had no idea what he was going to say. “Hi Josh, I’ve just woken up next to a blond bird,” Didn’t seem quite the right opening line.

“Hey, my man. How you doing?” Josh asked as he answered. “What happened to you last night. You were steaming when I left. I’m guessing you’ve got one hell of a headache this morning.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Pete replied.

“Yeah, man. So you wanna go get a plate of eggs, bacon an black pudding to set you up for the day?” Josh needled.

“Just about the last thing I need,” Pete replied down the line. “Josh, I really need your help.” he added.

“You gotta be in a state then, guy,” Josh joked.

“More than that,” Pete replied and proceeded to tell Josh about the situation he had found himself in.

“You’re shitting me, man,” was all Josh could say when Pete had finished his sorry story. “You, in bed with a dead blond? Now that takes the biscuit.”

“It’s no joke,” Pete said seriously.

“You gotta get outta there, man. If you’re found there your career, your whole life will be over.” Josh at last accepted the reality of Pete’s situation. “Seems to me you’ve a choice here. One: you stay and call in the homicide lads and they arrest you for murder, or two: you get out of there and find out who set you up for this.”

“Shit, Shit, Shit.” Pete repeated. “Looks like I’m done for either way.”

Read the next chapter of the story here: DESIRE


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Chief Detective Inspector Alex Carlson sat looking out the window at the London skyline as she slowly and methodically bit her nails. In her smart blue suit, with regulation skirt just above the knee she looked every part the senior detective she was. However on this gray Saturday morning she felt nothing like that.

There was an abrupt knock at the door and in walked Detective Inspector James Arlington. He was carrying two steaming mugs of tea. “Ma’am,” he said as he handed one to Alex.

Alex nodded and after taking a sip set the mug down on the windowsill. “What a bloody mess,” she said staring out over Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

“Ma’am?” James responded formally.

“You can cut the ‘Ma’am’ malarkey out in here James. This case: what a bloody mess. Literally and figuratively.”

“I see,” James said and sipped his tea quietly. He knew just how to handle this situation. They had been a team for two years now and had solved some of the worst cases he could remember, and with a little luck and foresight they would solve this one too.  He let the silence hang between them.

“Seven dead in three days. We have to get a grip on this and soon.The press are already baying for blood.” Alex picked up her mug, stood up and moved to her desk.  She shuffled some papers and pushing them aside sat on the edge of her desk. As she did so her skirt slipped up her legs revealing a large portion her upper thigh. She noticed James noticing and pulled at her hemline.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you,” She smiled openly.

“And you didn’t.” James laughed. The tension was broken at least for the time being.

“Have you  really never….?” Alex began.

“Let’s not go there again. I wouldn’t ask the same of you, so…” James shrugged.

“Sorry.” Alex smoothed her wavy blonde hair out of her eyes. The tension was back, after just a brief respite. “And what do we have?”

James was used to sudden changes in conversational direction. “Seven dead in three days,” he repeated Alex’s words,”And little of anything else.”

“There’s no sodding pattern,” Alex’s frustration was clear in the clipped way she spoke. “Or rather, there are too many bloody patterns.”

“We just need to sort the wheat from the chaff. Come on let’s go start the meeting.” James checked his watch, stood and turned towards the door. “All we need is a small advantage and the case will be wide open.”

“Oh how I love your optimism,” Alex told him as she stood and moved towards the door. She hoped that going over the case one more time would give them a clear pattern to the spree of murders that had untied her patch.

“Listen up,” she said loudly calling her team to order in the time honoured manner.

9 - Pattern

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Hit by a car on New Year’s Day at four in the morning.

The driver was over the limit. Drunk by all accounts.

Another reveller who didn’t know when to stop.

Neither her drinking nor her car.

Thought she’d be safe to drive she claimed.

Only had a couple she claimed.

He just stepped out.

On a zebra crossing.

He’s been on life support ever since.

In a controlled coma they call it.

No movement, no sign of life.

They tell me he can probably hear everything I say.


I’ve been waiting here since then.

Plans cut short!


Nails bitten to the quick.

Worrying, crying, wondering.

I’ve got to believe in his strength.

I have nothing else.

Will he ever come round?

06 - round

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