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14 December 2016

WhatsApp: Misunderstanding cleared up. Less to worry about in the wee small hours. Happy Birthday Carla.
To Ikea; Cute puppies on the stairs. Christmas is everywhere. Panic triggers under control; breathe.
Ikea Family means free coffee. Time to watch the eye candy.
Only wanted a living room rug; spent loads more. No change.
Sant Boi. Al Campo. Forgot what I went in for. Oh that’s right a new toothbrush. No Philips on the shelf. Okay: Amazon.
Blueberries and chocolate eclairs going cheap. My name on them both. Dog biscuits and cat treats.  Keep the kids happy.
Siesta. Four cats on my legs, two cats cuddled up beside me.  Doorbell went, everyone scattered.
MRW delivery. Never as nice as SEUR. Hair clippers. Mine broke during last trim. Haircut tomorrow?
Afternoon walks. Cuddy not keen, so just Franki and yours truly. Peaceful in the fields.
Unwrap rug. Cuddy’s very happy not to have a cold belly on the tiles.


Afternoon tea treat.



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