Peace Shattered…8

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The story so far…

One afternoon our main character, Saul, had an unexpected and unexplained visitor. Over the coming weeks Saul was visited more times by this mystery man who claimed his name was also Saul. So far Saul has no knowledge of who this stranger with his name is.  Then while Saul was sleeping when the other left him a note. During a trip into town Saul was sure he had seen his visitor but when he gave chase it was fruitless. Later when he was on the phone the other Saul was sitting on the sofa when he came back into the living room. Finally he has started to explain, but an ominous knock at the door interrupts…


As Saul went down the hallway to answer the door he was muttering to himself about the other Saul disappearing so quickly again and wondering what experiment they had been an unwitting part of.

He opened the door.  On the doorstep were a policeman and a policewoman. They were both holding up their official identification that said they were DC Brown and DC Robinson. Saul quickly scrutinised the IDs. As he did so he realised that he would have no idea if the badges were real or false.

“Mr Saul Murray?” Asked the male police officer, DC Robinson, before Saul had any chance to say anything.

“What’s this about?” Saul asked.

“Are you Saul Murray?” Robinson repeated.

“I am. Now can you tell me what this is about?” Saul asked.

“Maybe we could come inside and have a chat?” the female officer, DC Brown, asked.

“Maybe you could tell me what this is about and I can decide if it warrants entry to my home.” Saul told them. He could hardly believe how assertive he was being. He guessed the interruption of his encounter with the other Saul had annoyed him and that was how he had got his courage up.

“We believe that you may have been a witness to a crime in the vicinity of the Hog’s Back in town last Saturday.” Brown told him.

Saul thought back and realised that was the day he thought he had seen the other Saul in the pub. “OK, come in.” he told them, thinking he would have nothing to lose by talking to them.

Back in the living room the police sat one one sofa while Saul perched on the armchair’s arm. One of the cats wandered in and sniffed around the police officers’ shoes.

“Buttons, behave.” Saul told the cat as it started to roll on its back against the woman’s shoes.

“It’s OK Mr Murray, I have a cat at home. He can probably smell her.”  Brown said, getting a critical glance from Robinson.

“Can you tell us of anything that you saw at the Hog’s Back last Saturday that may have been out of the ordinary?” Robinson asked.

“I wasn’t there long really,” Saul replied. “And I can’t remember there being anything out of the ordinary at all.” Saul had already decided he wasn’t going to mention the other Saul.

“From our scrutiny of the CCTV it looked like you were pursuing someone. Would that be right? Would you like to tell us who that may have been.” asked Robinson.

“Oh yes. I thought I saw an old friend, but she’d disappeared before I could find her or perhaps I just mistook someone else.” Saul slipped down in to the armchair.

“She?” Brown asked.

“Yes, Susanna Breakespeare,” he lied.

“Could you describe her to us please,” she took out her notebook ready to take notes.

“Blonde, about five feet eight, not skinny but not overweight either. The woman I thought I saw was wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt with a dark navy puffa jacket over it.” Saul sat back realising he was finding lying to the police all too easy.

“Anything else you could tell us? And where do you know er… Susanna from ?” Brown fixed him with her gaze.

“Not really. We worked together about eight to ten years ago.” Saul told them, now back in the realms of truth.

“Thank you, Mr Murray.” Robinson stood up. The interview was clearly over. “If we need anything else we’ll be back in contact.”

Saul showed them out and shutting the door behind him,  leaned against it and sighed with relief. From outside he was sure he heard DC Brown say that she didn’t believe a word he had said.

“Well Buttons, the mystery deepens. Why would the police be interested in the two Sauls,” he absently asked the cat as he went back to the living room, and on seeing the other Saul’s still untouched glass of wine picked it up and took  gulp.

“Twins?” he said as he sat down. “Twins, but how? And how could mum and dad not have known? And what on earth was this experiment? It all sounds too far-fetched to me. I’m still thinking there’s some kind of scam going on, which would explain why the police are interested. And yes Buttons I do realise I’m talking to myself.”

As Saul took another mouthful of the wine his phone rang. “And who on earth is that now'” he wondered as he leaned over and picked it up.twins



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