The house

This is a story that came to me from a prompt on Chrissy, a friend’s blog. It might be slightly off piste, but then I usually am.

Go to an Estate agents or look on line. Find a house that is up for sale and write about it.”


There was one particular advert in the estate agent’s window that took Kelvin’s eye.

The write-up didn’t give that much away, but the photos jumped out at him. At first he wasn’t sure why they attracted him so, but he knew one thing he wanted this house.

‘Three bedroom detached house in own grounds,” was the basic description, with a few more things added for interest like ‘running water’ and ‘FGFCH’. But none of this described what Kelvin saw in the photos.

Without further thought he went inside.

Above the door the bell jingled making everyone in the small office look up as he went in.

“Hello, can I help?” The redhead with piercing green eyes at the first desk asked. According to the plaque on her desk her name was Briony O’Shea.

“I’ve just been looking in the window and would like to know more about one of the properties,” Kelvin told her.

“There’s not much more to tell really,” Briony said, leaning forward captivating Kelvin with her eyes.

“But I haven’t told you which property, ” Kelvin said.

“You don’t need to. I can tell from your eyes which place you’re interested in. It’s the house in Fairview, isn’t it?” Briony smiled.

“Wow, did you ready my mind?” Kelvin asked.

“Of course I did.” Briony winked at him.

Kelvin said nothing. He could almost believe this woman could see into his mind and knew what he was thinking at that moment.

“Interested?” She added.

“Errrr…” Kelvin wasn’t sure what to say. He was more than interested.

“… In the property.” Briony added, making Kelvin feel a little stupid. “I can grab the keys and take you right now, if you’d like.”

“Oh..I’d like,” Kelvin replied, hoping she didn’t know what he was thinking now.

“Hang on.” Briony jumped up from her seat and opened a cabinet at the back of the office. It was at this point Kelvin became aware that everyone was watching their conversation in silence. As he looked around the office everyone went back to what they were doing. For Kelvin it was a surreal experience, but not one he hadn’t had before. For a second he had a deep sense of deja-vue.

“Coming?” Briony asked breaking the moment.

‘Oh if only you knew what I was thinking just then,’ Kelvin whispered to himself.

“I know,” Briony said at just that moment. “… that this place is just perfect for you.” She continued, with a knowing smile.

Kelvin breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn’t referring to his last, less than clean, thoughts.

Throughout the twenty minute drive to Fairview Briony kept up a running commentary of the journey and anything that came into her head, or so it seemed. It was as if she didn’t want Kelvin to speak or maybe even think.

Finally they pulled into the drive. Kelvin gasped. The place was so much more than the photos. He had a strong sense that he was coming home.

“Welcome home,” Briony said as if reading his mind once more. “I have a strong feeling that this is the place for you.”

“It’s strange, but I almost feel as if I’m coming home, ” Kelvin admitted.

“Not strange at all. Buildings have resonance and if that balances with what is in us then we naturally feel drawn to a place.” Briony opened the car door as she switched off the engine and pocketed the keys. She headed for the front door.

Kelvin followed a few steps behind. He was trading in the ivy coveted facade, the shuttered windows, and the intricate brickwork. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was truly coming home.

Briony unlocked the front door and pushed it open. The utilities had been turned off but it was a bright cloudless day. As soon as the door was open the sunlight flooded through, bathing the hallway in a golden light.

“It’s almost better than I imagined,” Kelvin commented as he stepped over the threshold. Everything seemed so familiar. Even the faded wallpaper, or was it painted into the boards of the wall?, touched a memory. “But I…” he began as he moved further inside and touched the first rung of the banister. His mind was suddenly filled with images of the hallway’s past, so full that he couldn’t finish his sentence. When he let go of the banister the visions faded.

“Well?” Briony asked. “You’ve seen all the hallway has to offer. How about the front room, or parlour I believe it’s sometimes called?” She suggested.

“You know, don’t you?” Kelvin asked her.

“Of course I know, just like you’ve known from the very first look in our agency window. Give the house a little time. Give yourself a little time. Welcome home, Kelvin, welcome home. ”


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  1. Susan Morris

    I am intrigued……I don’t now the answers, but dearly wish I did.

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