Peace Shattered… 6

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The story so far…

One afternoon our main character, Saul, had an unexpected and unexplained visitor. Over the coming weeks Saul was visited more times by this mystery man who claimed his name was also Saul. So far Saul has no knowledge of who this stranger with his name is.  Then while Saul was sleeping when the other left him a note. Finally during a trip into town Saul was sure he had seen his visitor but when he gave chase it was fruitless.


“Can you imagine anything so stupid'” Saul asked. He was on the phone explaining his recent trip into town. The friend, Sandra, to whom he was talking, wasn’t given the true context of the story, just that Saul had thought he’d seen an old friend and had jumped off the bus to find him.

“You probably mistook someone else for him,” Sandra replied. “And it’s not stupid. It’s easily done. I’ve done similar stuff myself.”

“Yeah, I guess, but I was so sure, I really thought it was him, but then I couldn’t find anyone that even looking similar to him, or even wearing similar clothes to what I thought I’d seen,” Saul told her.

“The mind’s a funny thing,” Sandra said. ” It can play all manner of tricks on you, especially when you’re least expecting it. I’ve heard of people who have believed the strangest things. Just the other day I …” She was getting into her stride now, just as Saul’s doorbell rang.

“Sorry. That’s the doorbell. I’d better get it I’m expecting a delivery.” Saul told her.

“A fan by any chance?” Sandra laughed as they rang off.

Saul opened the door and accepted the delivery signing on a tablet with the point of his finger. He wondered how on earth that was proof of delivery. It looked more like a kid’s scrawl that his actual signature.

As Saul signed the delivery man waited. “I thought I might be able to catch the other guy and not have to ring your bell,” he told Saul.

Saul looked up. “The other guy?” he asked.

“Yes the one that came in just before I rang the doorbell. Looked enough like you to be your twin I’d say.” The delivery man took his tablet back. “Have good day,” he added before heading back to his van.

Saul stared after him for a second. No one had come in before he had arrived. Saul had been on the phone in the living room; he would have heard anyone opening the door. “Saul?” he shouted down the hallway as he shut the front door and dropped the delivered box by the hallway table.

Saul came into the living room and sure enough there was Saul sitting on the sofa, where he himself had been on the phone just a few minutes before. “How on earth did you get past me?” he asked. “And before you leave this time I think it’s about time I got an explanation of what’s going on.”  he added sitting on the other sofa.  He stared at the other Saul’s face and for the first time could see that there was resemblance between the two of them. There’s no way they could be twins but they could be related. ‘Is that what this was all about?’ Saul wondered, ‘A long lost family?’

“Yes we are are family,” the other Saul told him, “but not in the way you’re imagining.”

“Did you just read my mind?” Saul asked of his other self.

“Not exactly, but I could see your thought processes, and they’d be the same kind of things I’d be thinking myself. Its all extrapolation.” Saul 2 replied.

“So are you going to tell me what’s going on?” Saul asked.

“I am. But as always y time is limited,” Saul 2 replied, “And you might not believe it. Are you sure you really want to know? Are you ready to know?”

Saul thought he was.




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