Last week at the writing group we talked about a whole range of subjects from the weather to wineries, but our challenge for the day was to write a short story in just 10 minutes. I provided 19 possible prompts for us to use – I plumped for number 16 :

As a talking Chihuahua, what would you tell your humans about the new crying baby who now lives with you?

This is my tale….


It’s been three days now since the new little human was delivered and quite frankly I’ve no idea why they bothered… I mean noisy just doesn’t cover it, and the smells… Well you can imagine.

When I was a nipper and barked for just a second or made that kind of smell in the house I was soon told off.

Anyway I just had to speak to mum about it this afternoon.

Running into the living room I saw she was sitting on the sofa and decided to let her know what I thought.

“Muuuuum,” I began as we sat in a moment of rare peace.

“Yes Cha-Chi?” She looked exhausted.

“It cries all the time and frankly I’m wondering…”

“What darling?” She interrupted. I really wasn’t sure if she was listening or taking notice.

“Well, it’s been so disruptive.” I grumbled.

“What’s that Cha-Chi?” She asked absently

“Well its been here three days now and it’s… is that ham? Mum is that ham? Ham?” I suddenly smelled her sandwich.

“Get off Cha-Chi, this is mine.” She pushed me off her knee.

“But ham mum, ham?” I almost begged. It smelled so good. Then I realised the sweet smell of cooked pig had distracted me from my important task again.

“The new human. Mum it’s so annoying; crying all night, crying all day… I’m getting hardly any sleep. Do we really need this one? And just look at you; you’re exhausted. ”

“Here Cha-Chi.”

She as good as ignored my comments as she fished a ball out from under the cushion and threw it across the room.

“Ball, ball, baaaaaalllll.” I ran after it excitedly, current crisis forgotten for a second as I grabbed the tempting sphere, ran back to mum, and dropped it in her lap.

“Waaaaaaaaaaa,” came the cry from the nursery.

“Later Cha-Chi.” Mum jumped up kicking the ball aside.

I climbed up onto the sofa into the warm spot she had made. At least she had left me half the ham sandwich. Nom-nom.


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