A few weeks back at our writing group the theme was “Esoterics”. After an interesting discussion we were invited to write whatever came to us. This is what came to me…


Alana crawled out of bed and checked herself out in the mirror. Staring at her face she could see no trace of the dream she had just left. She stared deep into her own eyes and for just one moment she thought she noticed a flicker of what had happened just moments ago in that nether world of sleep, and possibly a glimpse of what was to come.

“Come on Archie, lets go shower and give you nice walkies. I need…” she stopped midsentence, stuck in the déjà vu she was experiencing.  Spinning round she checked that this time she was alone and was relieved to see that she was. So it wasn’t the dream become real after all.

“Come on pooch,” she started her routine anew. “Shower and Walkies.”

On hearing that magic word Archie jumped up and raced to the bathroom ahead of Alana, knowing the treat that was to come. “Slow down,” Alana shouted after him, with a laugh.

As she came out of the bedroom Archie started barking from down the hallway in the bathroom. Alana looked in that direction expecting to see her mutt’s face peeking round the doorway. Instead she was sure she saw someone going into the bathroom. She shivered involuntarily. Was that why Archie was barking?

“Arch?” she shouted, “What is it lad?” With no thought for her own safety she rushed headlong towards her now quiet dog.

Within seconds she was at the bathroom door. Archie was sitting there, tail wagging madly, looking directly at her, with the dopiest look on his furry face. “What the heck are you up to?” she asked, then realised he was actually staring into the space beside the open door, the side Alana couldn’t see.

Clutching her dressing gown close at her throat she became suddenly aware of  just how hard her heart was beating.  Fragmented memories of her waking dream returned as she looked up from the dog into the mirror above the basin.  After noticing the uncomfortable look on her own face she turned her gaze to the reflection behind the bathroom door. Again nothing. That bloody dream had really spooked her. Six months and she still couldn’t move forward.

Brushing her teeth she kept a watchful gaze over her shoulder. She thought she might feel better with the door closed but then would she be brave enough to open it again after showering?

Teeth brushed she dropped her robe on the floor and stepped into the bath pulling the shower curtain across.  She turned the water as hot as she could bear to try and alleviate the cold that had gripped her, then moved under the jets to warm and clean herself.

After a while she felt warmer, cleaner and more awake. Turning off the taps she moved to pull the shower curtain back. As she gripped the edge of the curtain an image burst into her head. That dream again. Hesitating for just a second she threw the curtain back.  Archie was sitting where he had been when she had got in, but now beside him, was her dream solidified.

“Stan?” she whispered. “How can it be?”





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