In the Dark

Another friend, Chrissy, has a writing blog, similar to this one and is, this year, posting a weekly challenge. She has just posted the first of these… here’s my effort…

It was suggested that we close our eyes and freefall comment on what we saw, either getting someone to take notes or record ourselves.


Having been posed a writing challenge I  decided it was about time I wrote something again. It was a little outside my normal methodology but I thought it would be good to try something completely different.

I decided to lie down on the bed and as suggested in the challenge closed my eyes, having already set the voice recorder on my phone to listen in and record any ramblings.

The blackness was complete. I saw nothing except a faint imprint of the room which my eyes had just closed off from.  I squeezed my eyes tight shut, and still just the blackness. I let my mind wander as I laid there, bidding welcome to whatever thoughts that may come.

What felt like just a few moments later I opened my eyes. I was sure that my creative flow was temporarily dried up. I blinked a couple of times. Around me the room was pitch black. The darkness I had experienced when I had closed my eyes first of all had taken over the day. I could still more or less see the outline of the furniture around the room, or at least thought I could. It felt like the light had been sucked out, even the streetlamp that normally shone through the window was dark. I turned my head to check the time on the alarm-clock. It too was dark.

‘Must be a power cut,’ I told myself, all the while feeling something had changed, something was wrong.

I reached for my phone. It wasn’t there. The bedside table wasn’t there. I waved my hand around, stretching back to touch the wall. It wasn’t there either.

“What the…” I whispered into the room.  There was no other sound. Even the sound of my voice was muffled.

Below me I could still feel the bed, the warmth from the duvet against my back, and under that the cushioning spring of the mattress. The comfort of the pillows was still real, and the throw with which I’d covered my feet was still there as far as I could tell, but nothing else. Clasping my hands on my chest I closed my eyes tight again. I had no intention of moving until I understood better the situation I had woken upon, besides I needed to stop the racing of my heart and conjure up some saliva. My mouth was completely dry.

“Calm down, don’t worry. There has to be a logical explanation,” I told myself.

“Yeah right,” I replied. “One, don’t tell a worrier not to worry; and two, logical explanation, in whose world?”

“All you have to do is wake up,” a more logical side of my brain told me.

“So I’m sleeping?” I asked.

“Duh,” Replied the same logical side. “Just go with it and count yourself awake.”

“One, two three… nine, ten, eleven,” I counted opening my eyes as I said twelve aloud.

The room was there just as I had ‘left’ it moments ago. I looked at the alarm-clock. I had fallen asleep and dozed for almost an hour. I picked up my phone. It was still recording. I turned the recorder off and clicked the link to play the MP3 file. The first three words I heard on there chilled me. I quickly closed the app. I’d had enough for one day.




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6 responses to “In the Dark

  1. Chrissy

    That’s great. It’s very creepy and I love that my first thought was… What were the three words?! Lol. Excellent stuff.

  2. susanawee

    Oooh, ì suddenly wanted more…. excellent and has my own mind conjuring up all sorts od scenarios..I look forward tro further words.

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