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Today, here in Spain (Catalunya?) It’s a holiday which means things are even quieter in our street than usual.  

For me the 1st November is always the start of Nanowrimo. At least it has been for the last 6 years. This year I have even less of an idea of what I’m writing but am going with the flow and started ok so far. 

I’ve also decided to make some apple-turnovers today with the apples that June kindly have me yesterday.  Hopefully they’ll be as well received as the apple cake I made with some of the last lot. 

Apple-turnovers always make me think of a funny story which Jane and I shared.  

In one of my return trips to the UK and a visit to London we took a bit of a detour into Lewisham.  There, in need of sustenance, we dropped into a cafe/ bakery for a cuppa and a cake. 

The apple-turnovers on display looked tempting so we both opted for one of those to go with our mugs of tea. 

As soon as we st down we dived in. Spotting ourselves in the mirror beside our table I couldn’t help but laugh.  We were attacking the turn-overs like we hadn’t eaten for days and were both licking the cream off our lips.  
As we enjoyed our tea an old lady came into the shop to buy a loaf of bread. The exchange between her and the man behind the counter had us in stitches.  

“Small bloomer please,” the woman asked. (Old lady voice evident).

 “Would you like it sliced?” asked the man behind the counter.  

“What’s that dear?” The old lady asked leaning in.  

“Would you like it sliced?” Counter man repeated.  

“Just a small bloomer, dear,” the old lady replied. 

“OK. But would you like it sliced?” Counter man tried again.  

To which the old lady asked, again, “what’s that dear?”

Counter man, still very patient, leaned over the counter and repeated, “would you like it sliced, love?”

“Just a small bloomer, dear,” replied the old lady.  

“Would…..” counter man began again…

Their exchange continued in the same vein for a couple  of minutes before we decided to leave them to it and left giggling like teenagers on a school trip. 

Now if we’re ever in a bakers together and anyone mentions a small bloomer we fall into fits of more giggles.  

Unfortunately this is probably one of those ‘you had to have been there’ stories but I thought I’d share it with you anyway. 

Happy November!



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2 responses to “Nano & stuff

  1. susanawee

    Laughing and giggling to myself….the word picture you have painted is so very real…..thanks for a laugh to brighten my morning.

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