Problem solving

Today’s writing comes from an interesting writing prompt in a writing group I belong to on FB.


I couldn’t bear it. I had known for some time that I needed to make some kind of big change in my life.  My home, which had been a haven I had really loved in which I had felt comfortable and safe had gradually felt more like a cage in which I was locked, or dare I say a coffin in which I was gradually being interred alive.

My lover of five years had proved to be worse than a snake in the grass, poisonous.  While looking for new batteries for the wireless mouse I had found letters hidden at the back of his desk, letters from another woman detailing their encounters. They were the straw to break the camel’s back of my love for him.

Just under an hour ago he had come home with flowers and a huge smile, completely oblivious to what I had discovered.  Now they, like him, lie motionless on the floor, both not long for this world and neither of any further appeal to me.

The shots must have been heard far and wide for in the distance I could hear the sirens, but I was not one to be re-caged. My bag was packed and I was ready…


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