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Last weekend was the launch weekend for #BerwickStreettoBarcelona, with a special launch lunch in one of Tony and my favourite restaurants on the seafront here in Vilanova. Along with some dear friends we celebrated the publication of my latest scribblings, and my most personal one so far, and probably ever.  I, and some of my best chums, read passages from the book eliciting laughter, surprised faces and tears. I really think Tony would have approved, especially as everyone was so well-behaved and no one ordered ketchup with their paella (read the book for related story!!).

front cover

Our Story.



The best friends I could ask for. 


Carla reads ‘Bollards’. 

Thanks to Nick Brennan Photography for the photos.

Happily I sold many copies on the day, and have had more orders since. Copies of the book are currently winging their way to England, Spain, Canada and Australia.  All profits from the books are going to the fund I set up in Tony’s memory, the money from which goes to World Cancer Research.  TONY’S FUND.  (I guess I’ll never be rich). With the proceeds from the books and other regular donations I hope to tip the amount over €4,000 before the end of the year. So if you want to help with that feel free to donate (any currency accepted). And if you’d like a copy of ‘our story’ message me and I’ll arrange for a copy to be sent your way.


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