Citizen Me

Little by little I am getting everything together for my application for Spanish citizenship.

A little while ago Carla and Nick sent off the Police Check for legalising, after they had checked it out with a local solicitor.  That came back by DHL quickly enough.

Yesterday I was another step closer.  On a visit to Sitges I picked up the translations of my birth certificate and the UK Police Check.  I’d only emailed the copies a couple of days ago so was pleased they were translated so quickly, as some translations seem to take forever to get back.  And at a bargain price too.

2017 Traduccion for Citizenship 01


Once the certificate confirming I have passed the language exams I will organise getting the local police certificate, and get the empadronamiento (Proof of residence in VnG) and then will be ready to go to the registrar with my application…… poc a poc, as we say here.


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