Eddy lay on his bed rubbing his eyes, still in disbelief.

Just moments before he had been sleeping, albeit fitfully. He had been woken by a rumbling that had entered his dream and shaken his bed. He couldn’t remember the dream but he could remember the shaking. It had felt like a train rushing past at high speed. Eddy thought that perhaps there had been an earthquake, but in deepest Essex?

Suddenly aware of a presence Eddy leaned over and turned on his bedside light.  He grabbed his glasses and as he settled them on the end of his nose his room came into clear view.

“Who the hell are you? How did you get in here? And what do you want? Jeez.”  The questions spilled from his mouth.

“You were dreaming.”  The strange man at the foot of the bed told him. “May I sit?” he asked gesturing to a chair to the side.

“So?” Eddy could feel his words were still slightly slurred having been woken so suddenly.  He wasn’t truly sure he was awake. With sarcasm in his voice he nodded, “Yes, feel free.”

“Thank you.” the man said and sat. He was dressed in a strange checked suit and was holding a small document case. He looked like a lawyer or solicitor but the suit said he wasn’t.  Eddy didn’t think he was a threat, unless the document case held a colt weston. “As I said, you were dreaming, and in your dream attracting.”

“Uh?” Eddy grunted. He took his glasses off and wiped them on the edge of his t-shirt before carefully replacing them on his nose.

The man leaned forward and started to explain. He told Eddy that he was creating an energy of attraction as he slept and dreamt, which had called him there from his dimension. He told Eddy that he was part of Eddy’s wish, of a deep desire he was manifesting while asleep.  He told Eddy that he was there to fulfill his wish.

Eddy pinched himself hard on the arm. “Ouch!” He exclaimed.

“You’re no longer dreaming, ” the man told Eddy. He had a voice that was deeply soothing and spoke slowly. “I think it was my arrival that woke you.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me,” Eddy couldn’t believe the situation.

“I am a most truthful one, and… would your mother approve of such language,” the man replied.

Eddy looked slightly embarrassed.  “But how can you…?” he asked.

“… complete your impossible wish?” the man finished his question.

“Yes,” Eddy now sat upright against his pillows. He truly was awake.

“That is for us to know. Your wish will be granted but afterwards you will not remember, but it will satisfy your yearnings. Will you trust me?” The man was standing holding out a hand to Eddy.

“But….” Eddy stammered. “How, where, and for starters what do I call you? say Aladdin and I’m out of here.”

“Desmond,” replied the man, allowing himself a gentle laugh. “Aladdin was a tale. I am real.”

“Desmond? Oh come on.” Eddy pulled his t-shirt down as he moved upwards against the pillows.

“Then call me Desi.” Desmond still held his hand out

“Desi, as in desire, this just gets more and more unbelievable.” Eddy shook his head.

“Inside you know it’s real and you know you created this, you know you called me. Please take my hand and we shall be off. If you have changed your mind tell me now and I shall return from whence I came, you’ll sleep and remember nothing, but your anxiety will remain.”  Desmond moved closer.

“But, I need…” Eddy began. He was going to say that he needed to dress before they went anywhere, but looking down he noticed he was already fully clothed. He looked up at Desmond.

“To save time I helped a little,” Desmond replied.

Eddy held out his hand and gingerly took Desmond’s in his. “Excellent, but Eddy,  you don’t need to hold your breath. Breathe and we will be on our way….”

07 wish


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