No Filter

Although Sam was still a rookie as far as the other detectives were concerned he still liked to think he was their equal and he had just had his chance to show just how good his detective skills were.

There had been three people in the frame and he was the one who identified the right perp for the job, as he had just finished telling his wife.

While his wife was processing what Sam had told her so far she helped him to more mash, nice and buttery, just how he liked it. He sure looked please with himself she thought and had every right to do so. When a case finished and the necessity for confidentiality was over Sam liked to talk them over with Martha over dinner. She in turn was interested and enjoyed the chance to solve cases vicariously.

Dipping her fork into the pie on her plate she considered what Sam had told her so far. There must be something he hadn’t told her.

“Come on, there’s something you haven’t told me,” she leaned over and jabbed at his arm.

“Nope, that’s the case as it was until I detected the hell out of it and got our man banged to rights,” Sam told her.

“Banged to rights? You didn’t seriously just say that.” Martha laughed.

Sam smiled and winked back at her. “Come on you usually catch on quicker than this.”

“More quickly,” Martha corrected him. Even at home putting the brakes on her love to teach correct English didn’t stop.

Sam rolled his eyes and reached for his cigarettes.

“Give me another small clue before you go out for one of those,” Martha asked.

“I just did,” Sam said as he slipped out into the back yard for a smoke. He threw the pack back on the table as he stood one cigarette in hand along with his lighter.

Five minutes later he was back inside rubbing his hands together against the chill of the night air outside. “Fresh out there, now,” he commented as he filled the kettle and switched it on at the wall. “You didn’t have to wash up you know. It was my turn.” he added even though he was glad he didn’t have to do the dishes after all.

“It’s okay…” Martha started. “…It helps me focus, and besides I could watch you out the window at the same time, I got your last clue, you  know.”

“So you were spying on me as you worked it out?” Sam asked.

“Spying no, but working it out yes.” Martha looked satisfied. She waited to share her conclusions as Sam placed a cup of cocoa in front of her. “They were all smokers, you said?” Martha checked the information.

“Yep.” Sam knew she’d cracked it too.

“So two of them smoked normal?” She asked.

“Another yep, detective,” Sam cradled his cup.

“So the other smoked tipless cigarettes, which matched the cigarette found at the scene with no filter. Easy.” Martha sat back confidently.

“Exactly… You’re wasted at that school, you know, Mrs Sherlock … and do you know how I knew before the others had worked it out…?” Sam began to tell Martha the rest of his story as they sat comfortably at the kitchen table.



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