21 Feb 2017

So far today, as I mentioned earlier in my Facebook post, it’s been a butter-side-up kind of day.

I started off with the usual walkies and feedings, before heading down town for my weekly Chiropractic sessions. Invariably the treatment hurts but I always feel better afterwards, and I’m currently pain-free.

Afterwards I always have a bit of a walk round and a coffee in town. This morning as I walked I first bumped into Enric, who is working in the Tea shop on Caputxins, extending it; spotted Andy outside Supernova on the Rambla and had a chat with him; Neus joined us for a minute, and I couldn’t help but comment on her amazing weight loss. Further down the Rambla I met Bill, also on his way to school and whilst we were chatting Ellen sailed past on her new (my old) bike.  A very social few minutes.

I stopped at the ‘Catering’ cafe -Sticky bun shop to those that know it and settled down in the sunshine for a coffee and croissant. Watching the goings on in the cafe opposite was a perfect way to pass the time.


Back home there was a note under the door letting me know I had missed a delivery. It was from Nacex – a poster for ‘The Book of Words’ which I picked up just now. Although the first edition of the book is printed everything is still under wraps until I have proofed the printed copy. I shall then release it for general sale and start the sales pitches… Hopefully in just a few days.

This afternoon I have been editing/proofing my first thriller ‘Fear’. I enjoy the writing and the first edit, but after that it starts to get a bit of a chore. Thankfully Patricia has said she will help out again.  It may even be that this one is very soon on sale too, if I can maintain my enthusiasm for it.  As I edit I am listening to our old LPs on the new record-player. Every now and then I have to stop to wiggle a little (I call it dancing), or to swallow, or allow the flow of, the emotions brought up by favourite songs.

I’ve also been adding to ‘From Berwick Street to Barcelona’ as memories surface. Although some of the memories are sad and make me cry I am so pleased we had such an amazing, and as some would think, wild life together.  I am hoping to publish this later on this year, with photos of our best times. I’ve set a deadline for our anniversary as it would have been our 35th, but a lot could happen between now and then.




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4 responses to “21 Feb 2017

  1. Patricia

    Enjoyed today like always but just that bit more today

  2. Patricia Jean Fleming

    Do you know another Patricia? There is a comment and I didn’t write it . . .

    Your account of the bomb blast was well written and so glad you all got out. How wonderful to have had the years you had together and I for one look forward to reading about it.

    Glad you had a nice day and look forward to reading more of your creativity.

    See you on Friday.



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