Ups and downs

And not the kind I would prefer!

Plenty of the latter and not enough of the former, but today was a butter side up day.

Yesterday was a terrible day.  A year gone by, and I still miss Tone all the time. There were floods of tears throughout the day triggered by many different things. Without my kids and the whatsapp messages of good friends it could have been so much worse.

There was one good thing that happened yesterday: Alan finished the book cover for the next Cousins’ book, and I love it. It won’t be long now before I am publishing, when the book will be ready for general sale.

This morning Seur delivered my new toy – a suitcase record player. The delivery guy is always the same. He’s a really friendly guy. He always has to check my ID number, by now he should know it off by heart, as I do.

I’d routed out our LP collection a couple of days ago when I was clearing out, which is why I bought the player (Ebay for just over 60€ inc delivery).  Our older one wouldn’t work. As soon as it was unpacked and plugged in I tested it with a few old favourites. Smiles and bittersweet tears as I also remembered that I can still dance.  Enigma and FGTH.

The gorgeous Edith popped in for a cuppa mid morning, with her very stylish new hairstyle. She had brought me a letter. I didn’t read it while she was here, on her suggestion, but when I did it brought me to tears again. (FFS, is the reservoir not empty yet?) It is a letter to Tony that Edith had written at various points over the last year, and is wonderful.

As I settled down for a siesta there was another delivery.  This time UPS who I don’t know. This time a tea set- readying for my TulStig DelMar start of season Afternoon Tea event. More details as I know when the work on the facade will be finished.

When I went out to collect the package I found some mail on the doorstep. When I opened it there was a card in it from Tony’s oldest sister, Annette.  Sadly she is having a hard time with her hubby, Trevor. He’s not been well a while, and had an allergic reaction recently just before his birthday.  Like so many, Annette says she thinks of me (and Tony) a lot, and especially during the last week.  I had an email from Tony’s middle sister, Andrea, yesterday too, and last week a recipe book from his youngest sister Jools. Seems like they’re all thinking about me(us).







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2 responses to “Ups and downs

  1. Kevin

    It is wonderful when our family of in-laws still stay connected. I know for Michael’s Mother I am a connection to Michael. She is in her nineties and buried two sons because of AIDS. I think of you often Mark! You are in my thoughts and heart as the road you are travelling is so familiar to me. I can’t say anything to help or to mend; but, I sit with you in your grieving and continual sense of loss.

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