Yesterday – 11.01

On a bit of whim I decided on Tuesday evening that assuming I felt better after the Chiropratic session I would give myself a day out in Barcelona Wednesday (Yesterday).  It seems the chiro-sessions release more than tight muscles, bad posture. So far after each one I have felt emotionally raw and ended up in tears a lot of the time. Tuesday night was such a down night which the kids picked up on and squeezed on the sofa beside me to comfort me, either that or they wanted to be near the radiator.

There is an exhibition of art at the CaixaForum that I wanted to see as it contains a Hopper, an artist I really like, and the chance to see one up close and personal was a real incentive to get my arse into gear. I messaged Patricia to see if she fancied meeting in BCN and seeing the exhibition then having a late breakfast/brunch/lunch at Flaherty’s. She did so yesterday morning we planned a meeting at Place España.


Edward Hopper’s paintings always tell me a story. I read the background to this one and it fits perfectly for the story I have for the woman. Watch this space for her story soon …

Tuesday night wasn’t a good night and I was in a lot of back pain.  By four 0’clock, having lain awake for an hour by that point, I thought I might have to cancel my planned trip. Luckily after a nice hot shower, a bit of heat therapy and a walk with the dogs I felt mobile enough to go.

As both Patricia and I  bank with La Caixa entry to the exhibition was free. It was quite a small exhibition but had enough pieces that interested me. Sadly a lot of the names have passed through my brain and exited. My memory isn’t what it used to be and it was never brilliant.


I’m sorry but I can’t remember who the artist is here (Patricia? Andrea?) but I love it. on first glance it is just a couple of trees on the road, look closer and the detail is revealed. 

Afterwards we walked across to the Ramblas via the Boqueria where I got a couple of Portobello mushrooms for a euro each to stuff for dinner, probably tomorrow’s, some blueberrie for a euros and a kilo of black cherries for just €4,99 – bargains I shall enjoy. From there it was just  round the corner to Flaherty’s where I had my usual veggie breakfast and a cup of tea. Patricia had the veggie burger which she said was seriously as good as it looked. Honestly, I know I’ve said it before, but this is the best place for veggie breakfast I have ever found.  Having stuffed our faces it was then just a walk in the sunshine up to Paseo de Gracia and the train home.

Getting home to the kids is always great as I worry about them while I am out. No matter how long I am gone (five minutes or five hours) they are always pleased and excited to see me – yes even the cats come to meet me at the door. On the the hand coming into a cold and otherwise empty home is still difficult. The memories of previous homecomings and Tony being there will always jar my nerves and heart.





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2 responses to “Yesterday – 11.01

  1. bon dia Mark 🙂 lovely day out, thanks for the invite. As for names, look how long it took me to think of Leonard Cohen after talking about Jack Vetrianno and his paintings! However, Richard Estes was the telephone boxes one – I wrote that one down 😉

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