A fave thing

“Raindrops on noses and ….” Peter sang as he did the washing up.

“It’s ‘roses’. If you have to sing that godawful song get the words right.” Alex sauntered into the kitchen and switched the kettle on. “Tea?”

“Another of my favourite things, and I shall sing whatever words I like, sweetie.” Peter dropped another plate into the drainer. “Brown well filled packages in a cock-ring.”

“I’m sure that Ms Andrews never sang that.” Alex laughed and moved to slip his arms around his lover.

“Ah, yes that’s the one I was singing about,” Peter turned his head slightly and looked over his shoulder.

“Saint Julie?” Alex checked kissing the back of Peter’s neck.

“Wrong, what a turn off.” Peter leaned back into the embrace. “I meant the large packet that’s…”

“I know what you meant and I know where it is.” Alex bit Peter’s neck.

Peter squirmed and groaned.  They had been seeing each other for almost a month and Alex had started to test his limits. “You like?” Alex asked.

“Mmm, but not quite so rough, I don’t want bite marks showing above my collar at work tomorrow.” Peter sighed as Alex licked lower.

Alex moved down Peter’s neck and bit again. He was just starting to enjoy himself. Peter was clearly enjoying the attention too. Alex decided that now had to be the moment. He couldn’t wait any longer. He bit again.

“Owwwww.” Peter tried to pull away and slapped at his neck where Alex was biting. “Too rough.” He brought his hand away and was shocked to see blood on his fingers. “What the…?” he began to question feeling slightly faint.

“One of my favourite things, dear Peter, is fresh human blood. I thought you were going to be the one. But I’m already bored with your camp ways. Your gorgeous face and amazing body aren’t enough. I’m so sorry but this is where we end, or rather you end.” Alex sucked deeper on Peter’s opened neck “Blood spurts on trousers…” he sang.



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One response to “A fave thing

  1. Roger Simpson

    Nice one… I didn’t see that coming!!!

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