Here’s the promised story from this week’s writing group.  The first of two….
To obtain the words for our prompt Annette had made a christmassy themed board game. Each pair had our own board and had to throw a dice. Wherever the dice landed was a word we would have to include in our story.


Next we passed our papers to the left where our neighbour added a name and a location for the story and handed it back.

The well-received twist in the tale was that although the words were Christmas related the stories we had to write were not to be christmassy. Perfect.

The words I ‘won’ in the game were stripes, paper, coat, elf, green, red, baby, stockings, saint, presents, manger, religion, wrap, Nicholas.

As one of our group arrived ate we could each chose one of our words to give away to her. I gave away the ‘baby’. Never wanted one!!

So here’s my story…….


Regina rolled her stockings down slowly watching Nicholas’s reaction as she did so.  She had picked him up in the trattoria downstairs the previous week, after having stalked him for just two days. He was so much more handsome than the crazy little elf she had met the previous month in Naples, another innocent. Rome was much more her kind of city with more of her kinds of men. She loved to take them, show them heaven while leading them away from it at the same time. Naughty was nice and visa versa in her book.

Since that first meeting they had met daily and each day Nicholas had brought her presents of his home city. Perfume, chocolates and even a snow globe with the pope inside. How sweet was that. Now he was going to have an afternoon of fun satisfying both their desires. How she loved Rome in the winter.

As Regina removed the first stocking Nicholas’s face went a similar shade of red as the stripes in the wallpaper.  Regina had booked the room on the spur of the moment. Her dear friend Alexia had offered to put her up for a few days while she was in the city, but Regina knew this would be a better place to enjoy her carnal desires.

After removing some of Nicholas’s restraining garb she had carefully positioned him on the overstuffed chair opposite the bed to watch her live show. That way she could comfortably watch him as she stripped.

He was a good looking young man, or boy perhaps; a typical Italian. A mop of dark unruly hair on his head, dark eyes, and a chest forested with so much hair that Regina sighed with pleasure when she first got a glimpse. His eyes, the colour of  just-mined coal shone in anticipation, as his green boxers tightened. Regina smiled as she stared at the man-made tent aware that she could already tell his religion, as if any of that mattered now.

Regina leaned back on the bed and beckoned for Nicholas to come to her. She guided his hands to where she wanted and needed them, loving his inexperience. His naivete like that of the baby in a manger. ‘Why does Rome make me return to the religious analogies of my childhood?’ she wondered as she pushed Nicholas’s head down to meet her thrusting hips. Slowly she wrapped her legs around his shoulders. For a brief moment he looked up. Regina wasn’t sure if it was glee or shock in his eyes, but whichever it was she wasn’t about to let him stop for long.

Regina looked back over to the chair where Nicholas had dropped his robe. Who knew a monk could be so satisfying she smiled victoriously. He would never be a saint now.

Dear Alexia, bless her sainted soul, would be green with envy.


Before we left Annette gave us another chance to write something. This time for just 5-8 minutes. This time each person had to give one word and we were all to use them in a piece of poetry.  YOu can see what I came up with tomorrow…..



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