16 December 2016

A walk in the fields with Cuddy and Franki is always a good way to start the day, and today was no exception. Just a few minutes connection with nature and a chance to watch the two of them frolicking and showing me what life should be like and I am ready for the day.  I just wish I could have their sense of adventure and optimism at the start of each day.

First stop this morning was at the Notary’s Office. I had a message from her that my will was ready a couple of days ago. I needed to go in and check the final draft was okay and sign it. As she had emailed it to me a couple of days ago as well I knew it would be okay, but no corner cutting with a Notary.

I may have mentioned before that the Notaria in Sitges was my student a few years back so I know that I will always get good service.  Everything, as expected, was as I asked, including a clause that any of the pets that outlive me must be looked after before any moneys are shared out. It only cost around €40 to draw up, which was a bargain considering the amount we paid for UK wills 20 years ago. My will is covered by Catalan and Spanish laws now, as this will be the place in which I will live and die. (Ultima Residencia).

Before the writing group I stopped off for a moment and a coffee in Cafe Roy. As I sipped and watched the passing foot traffic I reflected a moment on where I am and what has brought me to this point.  Since my first ever visit to Barcelona over thirty years ago I knew it would be my home.  I know deep inside, without question, that this is the land of my soul. It is where I am meant to be, and whatever happens in the UK over the next few years I will live my last days here.  I could never imagine living anywhere else.

Excluding this year Tony and I have been lucky. There have always been bumps in the road, but all in all we were well set up, and I now in turn am comfortable. The money (although mostly inaccessible) that I am worth though is nothing without my man. If I could give up everything this minute and still have him I would. I would rather be broke with him, than as I am without him.

In the writing group today Annette had come up with another great prompt Idea, and I wrote another amusing story. When I ralised it was a Christmas prompt (but wasn’t in the end) I felt a little wary. Christmas this year is an extremely difficult time for me.

I am finally starting to believe in my writing, although that fear of whoever reading it not liking what I have scribed is still strong.  I shall explain the prompt and the story sometime in the next couple of  days on here… don’t miss it!

Afterwards I went for a glass of wine with the lovely Catherine, in a place that I am sure is in the location of a bodega Tony and I used back in those first years in Sitges.  We had a glass of wine each and a couple of tapas while we chatted. I can heartily recommend the place, well I would if I could remember its name!!

Next stop Montroig Cafe for a warming cup of chocolate before returning home to the kids. I  love that place and it has so many echoes of the two of us over so many years. Even if they, one day, tear the walls down and rebuild again we will still linger.  We first knew it as the Bertran Hotel, which was the first place we ever stayed in Spain. When it was rebuilt/reformed we were somewhat disappointed, but have enjoyed many an hour in there since.

This evening I am planning on having myself a small G&T to mark the completion of the last few weeks/months of much unwanted paperwork. Also, I shall be watching a rerun 1982 episode of Top of The Pops on BBC4. I usually watch, and reminisce as memories (happy and sad) attached to the songs flood back. 1982 was the year Tony and I met; and what a year it was for the pair of us.




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