7 December 2016

For the first time in 35 years there was no one beside me when I woke to wish me happy birthday.  I cried. With that start it felt just like any other day, so I went to the rubbish dump and to Lidl. Yep just like any other day.

It seems my request not to receive cards has been taken to mean no greetings at all. Normally my wall on Facebook and my WhatsApp messages would be lit up with messages.  Not today.  Never mind.

Checking the just giving page there’s been little action on there either which is disappointing, I’m assuming (hoping) it will be busier as friends and family write their Christmas cards – My birthday and Christmas presents as a kid were always joint so why not donations now. Fingers crossed.  Here’s the link in case you’ve lost it TONY (just click).

Mid-morning I received an email from the notary with a draft of my will. Perfect timing, or not. I’ve added the missing details and sent  it back. At least that will all be done and dusted within  few days. Having calculated my current worth I got a bit of a shock. I may not have much cash hanging around, but otherwise I’m pretty comfortable.

last will and testament form with gavel, shallow dof

June arrived just after lunchtime with a bag of presents, both for the dogs and me. she wasn’t going to let the day go by without me getting anything.  A true, loyal and kind friend,  if ever there was one.  I’m lucky I have a few of these who have constantly ‘got my back’.

Having just read this back it all sounds a bit flat, which is fine as that generally reflects the kind of day I’ve had. I know I still have a good standard of life and I am grateful for all I have but everything these days is heavily tinged with sadness.  Perhaps 56 will be a good year for me……

And so, as I head back to bed, feeling pretty much the same as I left it this morning, I wish you all a good night.





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3 responses to “7 December 2016

  1. ingridfolkers

    I guess I just made it in time to wish you all the best for your Birthday. May your heart be lighter day by day, the memories healing. Light and Love Ingrid

  2. Michelle

    My sincere appologies Mark, it really sucks to be forgotton, I’m so sorry. Sending you some love and may there be little bits of magic that brighten up your night xx

  3. edita

    I guess I did take your request a little to literally. BIIIIIG hug to you now

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