05 Dec 2016

It’s been quite a week or so here.

At the beginning of last week Michael came for a two day flying visit. It was great to see him, and although we didn’t really have time to do much we had a good time together nonetheless. I am lucky to have friends that think nothing of flying the 800+ miles for just a couple of days to check up on me and to raise my spirits.  It’s when they leave that’s a problem as going back to me alone always hits home.

On Thursday I had to do a presentation in Catalan class, 10 minutes. I decided I would talk about my books and my connection to Shakespeare. I went well over the 10 minutes, which was stressful but good, and even sold a couple of books.

Friday I was back at the Notaria’s in Sitges. Tony’s will was finally registered with taxes paid etc etc. The Notaria was a student of mine and we are good friends. Although she is a lovely lady just being at her office is stressful, and the nature of the visit dragged me right back down again. At least everything is now sorted. I’ve also given her instructions for my last will and testament, which should be completed much more quickly than Tony’s herencia.  Good luck to Nick when I pop my clogs, he’s agreed to be my Executor.

On Saturday I met ‘the kids’, some more of my ex-students, for lunch and drinks. I hadn’t realised that Barcelona would be so busy. Football was on and being shown all over. Nevertheless we had a good lunch, and it’s always nice to see them. I even managed to get into the Boqueria for some cherries and raspberries (my two favourite fruits). I don’t handle crowds well these days so was happy to get the train home to my tribe and peace and quiet.

In the evening I watched a film as recommended by Hatty when she and Rosie were staying a few weeks back. Hatty too is grieving, having lost her dad recently. She told me that this film made her laugh despite feeling so low. It was Vacation. And it was my kind of humour too.  Cherries, Raspberries, Chocolates and a good film made for an up Saturday night.

Yesterday was quieter. A bit of writing, reading and catching up with some series.

Like I said quite a week, and this coming one is likely to be just as challenging.



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