Getting there …

Sitting quietly at the laptop this afternoon I was suddenly aware of how dark it had become, yet wasn’t even four o’clock.  I went to the back door to check the weather and was greeted by the biggest deluge I have ever experienced in my time in Spain.

The heavens were tipping down both rain and hail and our drain was having a hard time handling it. At one point the water came level with the kitchen step.  I frantically brushed it away as best I could. One day a week with water inside the house that shouldn’t be there is enough. Luckily it didn’t quiet breach the threshold.

At one point the electric cut out. I heard  the fuse box trip as the lights went out so simply reset everything and so far it all seems fine. Sebastian could be needed again if not.

Anyway the weather didn’t interfere too much with my writing and I have now passed the 45,000 words point.  Over the five years of doing Nanowrimo I have written over 325,500 words. It’ll be interesting to see what the final score is for this year.

The writing is still emotive and emotional and at times I worry that I might not be getting the tempo right, but fortunately my best buddy Nick in Essex has been happy to check the occasional anecdote when I need. Huge thanks to him as always.

I’m well on course to finish the challenge this week, although not the full story. I am sure I will be writing well into December to get everything down, and then will have to start the edit and proofing in the new year (the part I like least):



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  1. Not sure if it’s heading this way or your way lol but it’s chucking it down here too with the added thunder and lightening. I still find it fascinating as I suppose the locals would if it snowed here 😉

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