21-11-2016 Small Victories

All too often the days are difficult enough to get through without cracking up, so when something goes wrong I start that downward spiral even more quickly.

This morning Franki’s ball rolled under the sofa in the guest room/Office. I swore at him as I do for making me move things just because he can’t get the ball. I pulled the sofa out and found a puddle. As it had been raining most of the night I thought that Franki had decided it was too wet to go out and had peed in thee instead.

On further investigation it was clear that Franki had nothing to do with the puddle, but that the water pipe on the wall was leaking. I touched the pipe (Error) and it started to really squirt out. As in these case my first action is to swear and then panic. I did both, cursing my luck, then bump started myself into action. I turned off the water and called a man who can -Sebastian. He is the guy who has done all the work at TdM and the kitchen here and countless other bits and bobs.

Sebastian’s phone was off. I cursed my luck again and left a message. There was a chance he could be working at some distance from Vilanova where there was no coverage. LUckily he called me back within around ten minutes and promised to drop in within the hour.

True to his word Sebastian was here within the hour. He took charge; told me what he would do, rushed off to get the part he needed, came back and in ten minutes or so it was fixed.  Drama over, and he charged the smallest of amounts. While I had done very little to combat the situation,except call in the expert, it did feel like a small victory for me. Some days that’s the best I can hope for.

Meanwhile over at Nanowrimo my story is growing and yesterday I passed the 40,000 word point. If I write as I have been the past few days I will have written the minimum for the challenge by the end of the week. Of course there are plenty of things that can go wrong to keep me away from writing, like this morning, but for now I’m going to focus again. Back to ‘Berwick Street to Barcelona’.


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