14.11.16 Nano… etc

My writing for Nanowrimo has been much more erratic this year. First it was interrupted by my back locking and me being unable to move, then I’ve had guests at TdM all week, but not just any guests. Hatty (Marion to everyone else), who I have known since we were both 4 years old and Rosie with whom we both worked back in the early 80s.

I hadn’t seen them for about four years so we had some catching up to do, and they wanted to come stay as they had been worried and wanted to check up on me. I’m not quite the social animal I used to be so we had a few lunches together, but I left them to do dinners etc by themselves. They both loved the apartment, and why wouldn’t they? and VnG too, same comment.

It’s always lovely to see friends and catch up but these days once they’ve gone I slip back towards depression as the realisation hits home once again about just how alone I am. YEs I have good, and amazing friends, but nobody can ever hope to fill Tony’s shoes, place in my heart. Today I have been writing to hold back the darkness, which brings me nicely back round to Nanowrimo.

As of yesterday I was around 5000 words behind schedule. Today I am back on schedule. Amazingly 5000 words doesn’t take that long to get typed up, especially once I enter the flow and my fingers start to fly across the keyboard faster than my mind can keep up, which results n the usual number of typos (goes back to edit).  I am currently just a few words short of 24,000. I may just hit halfway later today if I pick up the thread again, if not I will definitely pass that tomorrow.

ON another tack, I was back at the dentist’s today and had my crown restored. I am now a  happier queen. It took about an hour and a half to get it just so, but hopefully it will last at least another 10 years, may be even outlasting me.  IT wasn’t too expensive, but then again it certainly wasn’t cheap.

The next few days promise to be just as full as the last few with Catalan Classes, a trip to the Chiropractor (as soon as I can get one booked), cleaning up/out the apartment after the last guests, Friday’s writers’ group and all the other stuff that daily life necessitates. Note to self; must also book cats in at vets for vaccines over next few days and self for Spanish A2 exam next February.




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  1. Glad you are being able to continue with your writing. I’m back to Spain tomorrow but unable to attend the writing class on Friday 😦 – see you next time xx

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