11 November 2016

The 11th November is always a tad sad for me.  It’s the day we lost or first dog,  Chasca. I know done might be thinking that it was time I got over that but she was our first kid.  she was with us 14 years and was a huge part of our family.  imagine loading your child at age 14 and you’ll know how we felt and you’ll know why I still mourn her loss today. 

NaNoWriMo – This year is a very different experience for me. I haven’t been quite so focused on a daily basis and today am about  a day behind. However I was in the same situation and caught up and I still envision finishing on time.  

Is been quite a week so far.  The weekend was pretty much written off because of my back, which is still impacting on what I can/can’t do on a daily basis. 

On Monday I met Hatty and Rosie for lunch. Getting round was slow but ok; with a support belt, heat spray and painkillers I’m doing okay.  We had a quick drink in the Lizerran on the Rambla, chatting with one of the barmen who had spent some time last year living in London and spoke fairly good English.  Afterwards we had lunch in El Raco. Again it was excellent. 

Tuesday the plan had been to meet June but she had been to the dentist and had a sore gave.  Instead we went directly up to Splau and lunched in Muerde la Pasta . 
Wednesday I was back at the hospital.  Visits there are always a trial because it’s where Tony died. Anyway the news was good and I don’t need another check up for 6 months.  

The news from America wasn’t  what I wanted to hear,  but was all over social media and impossible to avoid.  There’s so much hate in the English speaking world at the moment I just want to leave. 

The good news was that I got a delivery from http://www.poundshop.com – a load of goodies to keep me out of the black. 

Yesterday I had a trip with my catalan class to the lighthouse. I found it interesting but the standing around did my back no good.  
Afterwards I met the girls for lunch again.  This time in VnG – Oganpetit. They now just per the menu del día at lunchtime do I couldn’t get one of their excellent pizzas, but what we dish have was very good and a bargain at 12.95€ each. 

Today I’m taking the girls into Sitges for a look around and for lunch someplace too. 
Reading this back it sounds like all we are doing is eating.  Ah well it is one of my passions. 

Have a good day, everyone



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