For the last couple of days I’ve not written anything for Nanowrimo,nor really for anything else. Saturday morning I bent to pick up one of the cats and had a horrendous back spasm, as some of you will already know through my Facebook post.  Thank you for all your messages. The pain sent me directly to bed for the day completely immobile. Lucky I have an amazing friend in June who came round fed the kids their dinner and made sure I as as comfortable as possible.

Sunday wasn’t quite as bad, and when Hatty and Rosie arrived at TulStig DelMar they couldn’t work out the boiler. I was in less pain and more mobile so June picked me up (after having already picking Hatty and Rosie up from the airport) and dropped me off there to sort it out, which I did. I then spent the afternoon with the girls until June ferried me back home later on. 

SO today I’ve been typing like  madman, and have written around 3000 words so far. A few more will make the target and I’ll be back on schedule. 

Here’s a teaserfor you all – this is one of the stories I’ve penned this morning……

Messages                      1983

In the changing room of the hotel  in which I worked everyone had a locker where you could keep your uniform while not working and your street clothes when working, along with anything you didn’t need while working. They were secure and safe. They were secure metal ones with vents across the top.

On Valentine’s Day one year I went back to my locker at the end of the shift to find a rose sticking out from the vents. Nothing else gave any kind of clue who had left it.  There were up to another hundred lockers I there and while I was flattered I still thought it may have been left in the wrong locker. Nevertheless I took it home and showed Tony. We both laughed it off.  I’ve never liked cut flowers. Once they are cut they are dead, and often end up going to the dead, being put on graves. Live plants have always been my preference.

A few days later when I opened my locker a piece of paper fell to the floor. Before changing I picked it up and opened it. ‘I think I love you’ said the message. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching but the only other person in there was one of the chefs drying himself off after his shower. Naturally that took my attention for a moment.

As I changed I wondered who on earth had poked that into my locker. I had mixed feelings. I was flattered, but also slightly on edge. I slipped the paper into my pocket and went home.

“Something strange happened today,” I told Tony when we were in bed later.

“Yeah?” he said sleepily. “Another weird American? What’s the travel group- Caravan?”

“That the one, but no. Not connected to guests at all. It was in the locker room.” I said.

Tony was more interested now. Locker rooms are often sources of much amusement and sometimes more.  “In the Locker room?” Tony repeated as a question. He was more awake now.

“Someone had poked a note into my locker.” I told him.

“Then you should speak to the Personnel department. You don’t want any hassle.” He was obviously concerned.

“Err, it wasn’t a nasty note.” I leaned over to the dressing table and grabbed it from where I had left it.  I passed it to Tony.

“Bloody hell,” he said having read it. “Who’s it from?”

“No idea,” I replied. “Don’t even recognise the handwriting. Although I’m a bit flattered I’ve no idea who put it in there. Someone could be winding me up as I’m sure word’s got round now that I’m gay.  Honestly it’s also a bit scary.”

“I wouldn’t think anything more about it,” Tony suggested. “If someone is having a joke at your expense they’ll either get fed up or you’ll have to report t to Personnel, or if it’s real he’ll have to show himself at some point.”

Over the next few weeks other notes appeared in my locker. Every time I scanned the locker room to see if anyone was watching. Never did I see anyone acting strangely towards me.

Some time later I was sitting in the staff restaurant having just had lunch. My lunch companions had left and I wasn’t due to go back to work for a few minutes so was watching the television in the corner.

Suddenly a chef from the next table leaned over. “Can I borrow the sauce?”  he asked.

“Sure,” I replied passing it over.

As he took it he lingered for just a few seconds too long, made eye contact and smiled.  I couldn’t be sure but I thought he might be my secret note writer.  Of course I could have just imagined what I thought had happened.

The next day another note appeared in my locker making some sort of reference to my being saucy. I was now sure who had written it. That reference could be no coincidence.  It was David, one of the sous chefs who had asked for the tomato sauce in lunch the day before. I had no idea he was gay. Now I knew who it was I could handle it.

It was a few days before I saw him again in the staff restaurant. I got my food and moved towards his table.

“Can I join you?” I asked.

“You bet,” He replied. “Although I’ve only got a minute or two before I go back.”

“That’s okay,” I told him as I sat down opposite. “All I wanted to say is that I’m flattered, thank you, but I’m also spoken for.”

David looked surprised. “I don’t understand what you mean,” he said starting to get up.

“OK. Sorry if you honestly don’t know. I meant nothing by it. Sorry” I told him. I didn’t want any trouble. He picked up his plate and almost ran out of the room. I was sure it must have been him, but also worried I’d got it wrong.

For a while there were no more notes. By now I was sure I had been right.  My suspicions were confirmed when a new note appeared in my locker some days later. ‘It’s not for life. You could do better – ME’.  It seemed he didn’t take no for an answer that easily. Initially it made me smile then I thought it was a bit creepy. I was not interested. I needed to let him know.

One evening some of us met for a drink after work in a pub nearby.  Who should be there with his friends but David. We clocked each other as soon as I walked in. I tried to ignore him, but knew he was watching me. After a couple of pints I needed the loo. While in there David came and stood beside me.

“Nice,” he said quietly.

“Thanks” I said checking him out to.

“So?” he asked. “Can I see you sometime?”

“I’m really flattered, David, but I’m with someone I love above everything, so no.” I zipped up and turned to leave.

“But you’re not monogamous are you?” he asked in another attempt to reel me in.

“I think you’ll find that is none of your business. Please stop with the notes.” I left the loo and returned to my friends. He did the same. I wasn’t sure if the message had got across or not, but he had stopped watching me.

Of course Tony was kept up to date of the events as they occurred and wanted to step in to put a stop to it, which was what we both wanted. He was also amused at the goings on.

NO more notes appeared for quite a few weeks and David and my lunchtimes didn’t seem to coincide either.  Then one day I opened the locker and found another. ‘I miss you and think about you all the time,’ it said.  By this point I was annoyed and ripped it up straight away and dumped it in the bin.

Over the next few weeks I saw David occasionally, but made a point of not speaking or acknowledging his fantasy. Everything cooled off.  It was coming up the  staff summer party which we all looked forward to immensely. This was when the last of the notes appeared in my locker. It simply said ‘see you at the party? We can have a dance and…’  I was amazed but kept the note and showed Tony.

Partners weren’t usually invited to the summer parties but this year was an exception for some reason, so Toy came along for the evening too. During the staff party I spotted David with one of his friends. I wasn’t sure if they were a couple or not. I’d pointed him out to Tony earlier and did the same now.

We gradually moved in David’s direction and when our trajectories crossed I introduced Tony to David as my boyfriend.

“Nice to meet you,” they both said as they shook hands.

Then Tony said quietly, “Fancying my boyfriend is fine, doing something about it is not. Okay?”

David nodded. No more notes appeared in my locker afterwards.


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