4 November 2016

First stop this morning was the dentist, or to be perfectly correct the hygienist. So once agsin i have clean teeth, although to be honest they felt just as clean yesterday. It seems I still don’t clean them properly, but there is also a possibility that I am in the group that over excrete calcium during the night which means there’s little to be done.  

Immediately after it was the Sitges writing group.  I was a little bit late but it was okay.  Today I was facilitating which basically  meant I provided the prompts. What I’d done was copied the current music top 20 out and asked everyone to choose a number and writ something around the song title.  If that didn’t resonate I suggested they chose a song they liked and worked with that.  

In the dentist’s minutes earlier they had been playing Annie Leno – ‘who’s that girl’ and as soon as  I heard that I knew it would be the basis for my story,  although I also choose a number, 7, and managed to include the song at that position in the story too: Rockabye. 

In.the next couple of days I’ll post the story on here.  

NaNoWriMo is going well enough but I don’t really feel in my stride yet.  I’m hoping I can really dig in tomorrow because from Sunday for a week Hatty ands Rosie are at TdM and I shall want to spends some time with them.  

Some of what I wrote this afternoon brought me to tears again. Memories can be so bitter sweet. I miss Tony every moment of every day.  Even if I am occupied with something else Tony is still on my.mind.  Sleep still alludes me and dreaming scares me. If I am asleep past 4am it is a real surprise.  Imagination can be so bitter sweet. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to write and tell stories but it’s a huge burden at the moment being in the dark corner so much of the time.  


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