3 November 2016

First of all a NaNoWriMo  update for today … I am managing to write three little stories a day to go together to make the whole thing and today passed the 6000 word goal. I’m happy with that, although some of the writing is a bit emotional.  

Today was Cat class to start with,  and I really wasn’t  in the right frame of mind, but I did get through it pretty much unscathed. 

Didn’t feel great when I got in so have spent the last few hours languishing in bed,  and add I put the duvet back on lat night I was lovely and snuggly, especially with the kids piled up on me too. 

It has turned colder over the last couple of days so this evening I have put the heating on which has warmed the flat up nicely.  There is definitely a feeling today that winter is coming.  


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One response to “3 November 2016

  1. Winter is easy to bear when you know you have a summer coming 🙂 Enjoy the snuggles with the fluffy ones 🙂 xx

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