Music was always a big part in our life together, we both loved to dance, to go to concerts and together we amassed a huge collection of CDs, along with a bit of vinyl, and even a few cassettes have survived. Luckily our tastes in general concurred. However Tony could never see the merits of Kate Bush, apart from the fact that it was her that brought us together. If I hadn’t met her  that day maybe Tony and my paths would never have crossed.

Our tastes ranged from ultra pop to classic and jazz/Blues. And there are many stories related to Music.

Music for me now can be a trigger for  great memories or a trigger crashing and  slipping into depression – some things I cannot yet handle and avoid situations that may take me there.

Back in the 80’s Tony and I both had a  thing for Midge Ure of Ultravox and BandAid fame. Just last week he was on the re-run of Top of the Pops, one of our favourite programmes, back in the day. This rerun was from July 1982, just a couple of months before we met. On TOTP he performed  ‘No regrets‘. A song I love(d) then and now.

Tony always found it amusing how I responded to the words of songs. Watching Midge Ure perform this one was no exception. The chorus and first verse were fine, but when he got to the second verse I hardly kept control.  He sang my words:

The hours that were yours echo like empty rooms
The thoughts we used to share I now keep alone
I woke last night and spoke to you
Not thinking you were gone
And it felt so strange to lie awake alone


Click the picture below to listen on youtube


No Regrets  – Midge Ure


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