28 October 2016

It’s been quite a week so far here at Casa TulStig.

Last weekend can be written off as a non-event. For some reason weekends can be the worst of times. And besides everything one of my crowns came off while eating a piece of crusty bread.

Monday the guys arrived to fit the bannister for the stairs to the roof terrace. I¡d been worried recently that I could easily tumble own the stairs while fetching washing, especially with dogs and cats around my legs. The guys arrived about half an hour late, kind of par for the course in Spain for most workman, although we’d got used to punctuality with Sebastian. They got down to the task in hand straight away and had finished in under an hour, and a great job it is too. The cats are a bit bemused by it, but will get used to it soon enough.

Sebastian came to inspect and says that all  have to now is paint it with special anti-oxidation paint. Most of the garden walls are also in need of a lick of paint too. So I shall add these to the list. If anyone fancies a few days painting various things around the house call me!


During the afternoon I popped over to the local garden centre and restocked the garden where some plants had died off. It’s certainly looking better out there now.

Luckily the dentist could fit me in too, so I drove over to Sitges to see what could be done. Dr Ron is going to give me three quotes, one for a new crown, one to replace the old crown (luckily I didn’t swallow it or break it), and one for a complete makeover with an implant. Let’s see what the damage is  before I commit to any option.

Tuesday was Catalan class. Not much to report there, although the group deffo think I’m a bit off the wall, having talked about my 800km walk of 6 years ago.

Yesterday was just a tad (read mucho) stressful. The dogs were booked in for their annual vaccines at 10, so as they’ve not yet been car-trained we walked down. Cuddy hates going that far away from home and gets all nervous, whereas Franki has to instigate everything. I was pulled from pillar to post and had quite a sweat on by the time I got to Dr Oscar’s place. They are always excited to go in and see him, which makes it less stressful from that pint of view.

Back home, sweaty again, I settled the dogs and popped to Aldi. When I came back Cuddy’s face had swollen up and one of her eyes was completely closed. PANIC! I dumped the shopping in the kitchen, called the vets and rushed back down there. This time we went in the car. It was the first time they have been in it, and with seatbelts, and luckily they behaved fairly well. This bodes well for trips to the beach now. After a a quick check Oscar gave Cuddy an anti-inflammatory and concluded that he thinks it must be an allergy reaction to one of the vaccines. She’s been having them for the past 8 years so it was a bit of a surprise.  Next year she will have on at a time to see which one caused it, as there’s really no way of knowing.  Back home she slept most of the afternoon / evening, but of course she was first in the queue for dinner as normal.


Today I’m off to Catalan classes again, at least next week Tuesday is a holiday so we’ll get a bit of a break, most likely with plenty of homework.


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