22 October 2016

S0, yesterday was our writing group. The first time I’d been in the different venue, and very nice too. Coffee and pastries provided. Hopefully I’ll get round to typing up the short story I wrote in the half hour ‘challenge’ there and will post ready for tomorrow. I brought up the subject of NaNoWriMo and a few of the other participants seemed interested, so hopefully this year I’ll have some new writing buddies on the site.

And for any local readers of my scribblings here the group is holding a reading session at the same venue in Sitges on Thursday. So do go along and enjoy hearing some of the work by the talented local writers.  I won’t be there though. Nighttime outings and groups of people are still scary to me. I was invited to go along and promote my books but I don’t think I can handle that yet.

The weather continues to be autumnal and wet, although this afternoon it has perked up a bit. We’ve had plenty of rain now thank you, and a few days sun would be appreciated. This morning I was going to meet June for breakfast downtown, but looked out the window and changed my mind.

I did take the dogs for their usual run through the fields. On stepping outside the font door, after having mithered me since waking, Franki was surprised to find it was raining out the front, even though he’d already decided against going out in the garden at the back. NO mater, by the time we had been out a while we were all soaked and enjoying the fun of walking in the rain. And yes our neighbours think I have something loose in my head.  My explanation that it’s only water doesn’t wash.

So with the rain pelting down outside I decided to take up Pauline’s suggestion (who incidentally is enjoying the sunshine of Sicily) of baking. It sure warmed me up and now I have a plate of scones and some fresh soda bread to gorge myself on.



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