Help wanted

For the NaNoWriMo challenge this year I am going a little ‘off piste’ and bending the rules a bit to write about our life.  I have probably mentioned it before to some of you.  The working title for this project is ‘Berwick Street to Barcelona.’ It will be made up of the snippets of our life together that you have got used to reading on here. Once I have finished the challenge I’ll add the last few months of scribblings to the pot and hopefully release it as a book sometime in the next year or so.  

I am currently putting together a list of prompts from which I will write. Here’s where the ‘Help needed’ comes in. I would love it if anyone out there with the inclination to do so could could offer a word or two as prompts. Just use your imagination and leave me a comment or two. I am probably need 2 a day over the month of November to achieve the word count I need.

 Many of you are going to appear in the stories one way or another, as so many of you have been a big post in our lives,   but if you give me a prompt and it appears in the book you too will get credited for your much appreciated assistance. 

Thanks in advance.



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