18 October 2016

Yesterday afternoon turned out better than the morning thank goodness,  with a nice lunch at a place in St Pere that I’d never been to before but that could now become a regular haunt ,  and a TdM checkout of very satisfied guests,  who have promised they’ll be back. 

The night wasn’t so brilliant – I woke at around 3.00 – old man’s bladder issues, then couldn’t get back to sleep for ages.  It must have been about 5.30 when I did drop off again as the last time I remember checking the clock it said 5.21. How annoying is it when my mind refuses to close down and shows me the things I least want to see during this time.  

Lack of sleep makes me grumpy and feel like crap. I don’t know how any of you with kids manage.  Even our usual walk into the fields didn’t make me feel any better. 

Today I was at the hospital in Belvitge, getting results. No real good news, but nothing too scary either. My weight has gone back up a bit after last month’s significant drop due to the fitness/healthy eating regime, but not too much.  As always tests to be repeated until the other figures are within normal parameters. 

Here the cost for each appointment/test/consultation is on the appointment letters etc. Luckily it’s all covered under my social security payments from when I was working,  and by the EU recipricol agreement, without which my bank account would all too rapidly be emptying.  


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