17 October 2016

Yesterday was a lovely day here in VnG. The sun came back with a vengeance and everyone was out and about to make the most of it, including me.

I met Edith, Ingo and  Max down at the small bar by the mini-golf on the seafront. As today is Edith’s birthday I took her gift and card with me. I’d packed up a few bits and pieces including a selection of UK chocolates that I knew she would like, as would the other two men in her life!

Although I like the bar I do worry that the owner might come over and ask where Tony is. It’s a question I dread and tend to skirt around places i might get asked. The owner of the bar used to own the cafe we called “the Blue Room”, which is where we ended up after our Wedding reception, and a place we could regularly be found , so the owner knew us quite well.  I am sure many of you remember it as fondly as I do.

Today hasn’t started off brilliantly with a call from our UK Bank. They’ve decided that I need to prove who I am and want certified copies of just about everything. It seems holding an account with them for the last 30+ years holds no sway, not even when it’s  an exceptionally healthy account. I am so tempted to transfer all our funds to our bank account here and say ‘up yours’ – well something much stronger, but the shite exchange rate isn’t encouraging for that.  Or perhaps I’ll just asked for it all in cash and get Andrew and Jane to stash it under their mattress.

Coping is not one of my strong features at the moment.  I have no-one I can grump to anymore, who would help chill and calm me, making me feel better. I used to say life was amazing, now it just seems to throw things at me all the time.





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2 responses to “17 October 2016

  1. Kevin

    “who would help chill and calm me, making me feel better.”

    Yes, I know Mark. My Michael said at the beginning of our coupledom, he believed his part in the relationship was to keep me grounded. He did. I am an Aquarian and my sign is air, so I can be very scattered and overwhelmed. Michael could and did allay my fears as I did it for him too.

    I feel like a bird with a broken wing that has mended in such a way that I can cope even with the dis-formed wing that drags and pulls me in the direction of my loss. Then, miraculously, I feel Michael soothing the wing (figuratively) and as he used to do – tell me everything is okay.

    hugs, Kevin

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