14 October 2016

This posting replaces the originally scheduled one, cos I needed to write this down before I forgot.

On waking this morning, after another broken night’s sleep and rain, I remembered a couple of dreams I had. Now that’s nothing new, I often remember what I have dreamt, at least for the first part of the morning, then the images scatter. What was important, for me at least, was that in these two dreams I was with Tony. It was so real. He was whole and well, an we were very touchy-feely. Yes I cried (It’s what I do, innit).

In the first dream we were staying in a plush hotel, and in the other we were by a huge blue sea but it felt much almost prehistoric. Both scenes were really clear for a while after waking, but even now a few hours later the vivid details already escape me.

The dogs must have sensed I was savouring the moment/memories as neither of them were keen to move, Franki even snuggled back under my armpit for a while. Of course this could have had something to do with the gloom, but I like to feel that they are in touch with me.

Today has been a waiting in day. First of all I was expecting a call from the bank in England. They need to update their details for security reasons. They should have been calling between 9 and 10, but didn’t so when the phone rang and I missed it and it as them at just after midday I was more than a little peeved.

Next was a visit from the Gas Technician for a full revision. This is a free service from Gas Natural twice a year. The technician was actually 10 minutes early so when the doorbell rang I was a little surprised. The technician was a very pleasant young man, who loved the dogs (he has a bulldog and a mini-pincer), and was easy on the eye. He was super efficient and got the checks done with no fuss. He had to turn the radiators on at one point and suddenly the house was baking. The cats loved it.

Later Sebastian (our handy man/builder/installer) called in with a couple of colleagues to measure the back stairs for a hand rail. Whenever I bring the washing down I worry that I could go A over T and end up lying in the garden for a few days before anyone found me, so have decide to get a rail put in to make my journeys up and down the stairs a little more secure. They’ve said that they’ll be able to fit it next Friday if all goes to plan.

This afternoon I’ve been perusing my diaries from back in the day in readiness for the book/exposée of our life. It’s great to read so many memories, although some have caught me out or surprised me. And sadly some names mentioned no longer inhabit my head, or have long since passed on. The reading is a bitter sweet experience, but it’ll give me loads of material for “Berwick Street to Barcelona” as my next project is currently known as….

Who knows in another 20 / 30 years someone might be reading back over these scribblings to write a sequel, although I doubt that’ll be me.



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2 responses to “14 October 2016

  1. ingridfolkers

    Mark those dreams are a blessing. ..you do know that his essence is always with you…and depending on your beliefs…I am covinced that when we need to see, feel, touch our loved ones beyond the veil…they reach out to let us know that they are still here.
    We cry because we miss them so terribly. ..but what a gift to receive in your dreams. Light and Love

    • HI Ingrid,

      Thank you. It was a very real experience.
      My belief/Spirituality is taking a bit of a knock at the moment.
      For the first time in many years I am not sure what I believe.

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