11 October 2016

The sun is out again.  Such a relief.  A line of washing done first thing which is pretty much dry,  now there’s more in the washing machine.  The kids are all just as relieved too and are sitting in the sun for the first time in a few days. They’d hate England.  They do so love the sunshine, as do I. Bad weather does tend to bring me down after a while and I need very little help in that area at the moment. 

Back at Catalan Class this morning,  after skiving last Thursday to go out with Jane and Andrew. 

 I felt a bit more comfortable today and held the floor for a while.  I managed to  divert the teacher with some nonsense about monkeys’ birthdays (rain and sun) and how to find your way without a compass.  She’s always willing to go off on a tangent if we’re practising which I like,  and often do in my own classes when teaching. 

Was a bit worried when I went to bed last night that I might wake with a hangover,  but luckily I was fine.  I only had one large G&T to stave off the depression which the dull weather seemed to be pushing me towards.  Whether it’s age or not I don’t but these days one drink can be enough.  The gin is one I found some time ago in Aldi – strawberry flavoured, and has already got the seal of approval from the ladies that do (drink gin, that it). 

Tomorrow is International Hispanic Day and therefore a holiday here.  (See the www.tulstigdelmar.com blog for more info tomorrow). Not that it makes much difference to me at the moment – all the days still blur into one and it’s  been over a year since I’ve worn a watch so time is a bit fluid with me too. 


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