10 October 2016

That’s today if you didn’t get it.  I’ve had a bit of a think and as well as writing to the prompts I thought I might give you an insight into what life is like here for me at Casa TulStig. Especially as I start the process for Spanish citizenship… These personal updates will always be headed with the date so if you want to skip these ones you can.

For the last few days we’ve had rain which to start with is quite a novelty but now is grating a bit as I can’t get any of the washing done, particularly that for the apartment. Andrew and Jane were here for a few days last week so I’ve a bag of laundry sitting in the guest room/office awaiting doing.

Jane took my birth certificate copy back with her for posting to the Government legalisation Office where they will add an apostille to show the Spanish authorities that it is a true and legal copy. I got the birth certificate from the GRO (General Register Office) about a week ago. I love how everything can be done over the internet thee days, well pretty much everything.

Yes, Andrew and Jane were here for a few days last week.  It was lovely to see them and get out and about, but it was emotional for me too. There are so many triggers that can send me into an immediate downward spiral. On Friday night whilst watching ‘Goggle-box’ two old dears were talking about how you never stop missing your husband. I watched for a while but bit by bit my anxiety levels rose and I eventually broke down and had to run off to the bedroom for a while. Sobbing and snotty nose do not really suit me, although they do seem to be my default of late, and I prefer to do that alone.  After dropping Andrew and Jane at the airport on Saturday the rest of the weekend was spent mostly in bed. It’s where I can lie back and breathe. I always feel the deep and almost unbearable sense of being alone once I’ve said goodbye to anyone who has just visited.

This morning on waking the nightmare of the last moments of Tony’s life in the hospital jumped into the forefront of my mind again. This hasn’t happened for a few days, and pitched me sideways a little. Franki, as always, was his usual bright self and on waking brought me his ball -he seems to think that’s how I like to tart the day too.

Showered and dressed (actually trimmed my beard this morning!!) the three of us (Cuddy, Franki and me) set out for our morning constitutional. The field is still quite damp from the rains and the puddles still evident enough for Cuddy to have some fun. Naturally they both came back wet and grubby and parked themselves straight on the bed.  I rolled my eyes, Tony style, but knew there was no point doing anything.

I’ve just got back now from a swift trip to the apartment to  add a few things ready for the next guests. Aurora will be dropping in later to do the final clean. Aurora is the apartment cleaner. I change the beds and add the finishing touches, while she cleans, and she is brilliant at that. Great team work.

Anyway that’s my day so far.  There’s not much else going on here today, except a continuation of the setting up of the new laptop i treated myself to last week, and on which am currently scribbling/Tapping away.. So far it has been easy and pretty much is computer led, but I need to add some of my favourite programmes too. Watch this space to see how I get on.


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