“Will I do?” Tony asked as he emerged from the bedroom all suited and booted.  We were getting ready for the hotel’s annual Christmas Ball; an event we both enjoyed. The food was always good and the drink flowed, and everything was free. I worked with a lot of nice people and we were sure to have a good night.


I looked him up and down as if checking every aspect. “You’re better than ‘do’: you look delicious.”

“Delicious, hmm,” Tony adjusted his cuffs.

“Yes. In fact I could rip your clothes off right now and eat you.” I smiled with what I thought was seduction.

“Perv.” Tony replied succinctly. “Stop sitting there in your boxers holding your jewels and go get ready.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied saluting. “I was just waiting for you. any chance of …” I began as I stood and moved in his direction.

“None,” he rolled his eyes and perched on the edge of a chair.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t want Chasca or cat hair all over the back of my trousers.”  Hearing her name she happily wiggled towards Tony. “Chas…” he said as she tried to rub against his legs then jump up. Tony pushed her down and looked at me. “Get. Ready.” he repeated.

Having already showered it didn’t take long to throw on a suit and smarten myself up. “What are you wearing?” I shouted into the living room.

“Duh.” Tony muttered. “You’ve just seen.”

“What perfume, cologne, aftershave or whatever?” I clarified

“The usual Dabitoff.” he replied, using our name for Davidoff Blue Water.

“Mind if I smell the same?” I shouted back. .

“It’s up to you.” I could imagine another eye-rolling.  “Are you ready? next train is in twenty minutes. I know we’re meeting Sally before, anyone else?”

I emerged from the bedroom, straightening my tie. “Well?” I asked. “Lena, Suchard, most of the office,” I replied to his previous question.

“Gorgeous. In fact I could rip off…” he began.

It was my turn to roll my eyes. “You’ve missed your chance. Get me drunk and we’ll see what I can do later.” I winked.

“No Mr M?” he asked about my boss.

“you want to get him drunk and…” I started to reply.

“You know what I mean.” Tony pushed Chasca away again and brushed his trousers down.

“No Mr M will be meeting and greeting in the Ballroom, ready then?”

“Love you,” he said standing up kissing me and taking my hand.

“You’re sure I look alright?” he asked again. “I don’t want to embarrass you.”

“You’ll never do that.” I replied. “Dafthead. That’ll probably be my job once I hit the dancefloor.”

“True,” Tony laughed, “Come on then.”

As it turned out neither of us embarrassed the other, that was left down to someone else’s husband, but I’ll tactfully hold my tongue on that, well for at least the time being.


1984-portman-christmas-doPortman Hotel Staff Christmas Party – 1984


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