Many a special hour was spent in the garden either dabbling in horticulture, read digging and watering etc,  or relaxing,  read drinking and…. I’ll make up your own minds. This was true when we were living in London and remained true when we moved Spain. 

After a morning’s visit to the local garden centre we had been in the garden most of the afternoon planting and tidying when the phone rang.  

Tony went off to answer it while I carried on with bits and pieces, helped as always by the dogs who thought it was great to carry of flower puts and chew them up all over the place.  

About twenty minutes later Tony came back out.  “It was J,” he announced. “She’s at a loose end so in told her she could come over if she wants. ” 

“That’s nice. ” I said honestly as I stuccoed of my gardening gloves.  

“She’s bringing the wine,” Tony added. 

“Okay,” I was just about ready for a sit down and glass of wine. 

“I think she’s probably expecting dinner.” Tony was waiting on my reaction.

I rolled my eyes.”What are you cooking?” I asked,  joking of course.  

“But…” Tony stammered.

“I’ll do something although I’ve no idea what.” I let him of the hook.  

“Whatever it is it’ll be amazing,” Tony flattered.”Whatever you create is always tasty.”

“Ok. Ok.  I’ll see what I can through together from the cupboards. But first I’m showering.” I said. 

Whatever I created was well received and once again we were all well-stuffed. 

After J had gone Tony tackled the washing up, leaving me to relax on the sofa. 

“You outdid yourself again,” he announced as he came through from the kitchen, tea-towel in one hand, wine bottle in the other. “Have yourself another glass of wine.”

“Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me again?” I asked holding out my glass.

He laughed: “Like I’ve ever had to try that hard.”



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2 responses to “Create

  1. Sounds so much like Michael and me! Sending love – Kevin

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