Dateline: 8 May 1995

Fifty years on from VE (Victory in Europe) day the UK was celebrating and we were no exception.  We opened the house up to all and sundry for a VE day party.

The house and garden were decked out in Union Flag bunting and cargo nets. We invited everyone to turn up in something appropriate: a great excuse to wear uniform. We’d shopped for ours some weeks earlier at the Army and Navy Surplus store in central London.

We prepared a load of food, as was our custom when we threw a party, although this time we did go for some more traditional Brit-fare.  However we didn’t go as far as dried egg or rationing, although to this day we still have Tony’s rationing book (Rationing in the UK went on till 1953) There was a bar loaded with booze from a recent booze-Cruise to Calais.

Guests arrived in dribs and drabs, some really making an effort to get into the spirit of the day, others less so. As was often the case with our parties there were a few tales to tell afterwards.

Jim and John got carried away under the pear tree in the garden and we almost had to throw a bucket of water over them .
Jackie and Jimmy had a row because he was drinking too much and flirting, she said.
Kath had just a little too much and broke a garden table, after having threatened one of our neighbours who was also a guest.
Nino turned up with a new woman who was almost literally busting out of her dress, and was pretending to be embarrassed by some of the comments she received.
Olga gave instruction on how to make the perfect tortilla, while Elia advised on the perfect Allioli.
Sharon, when pressed,almost came out, but held back for another few years.
Chasca got spoiled by everyone and ate far too much.
Roger accidentally dropped his trousers, and yes was going commando. Elia caught it on film.
Holly, at age two, was a hit with all and sundry.

And of course Tony and I looked good in our uniforms.1995-05-08-mark-tony-ve-day
At the end of the day those that couldn’t get home slept either in the garden on blow-up mattresses, or around the flat where they could. Breakfast was served for the hardy few early the next morning.

(And yes we still have the video and photographic proof from the day).



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2 responses to “Peace

  1. edith

    peace day indeed ❤

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