Black and White

After what had felt like a  long morning of trying to teach English to reluctant students and shopping for a few essential items I trudged back up the hill to our barrio and home.

As always it was wonderful to be met at the door by the dogs and cats, yes the cats even waited for me to come home. I dropped my bags by the desk in the hallway, which served as my writing place and comms central for keeping in touch with friends and family back in the UK and all over.

“Sit down, lunch is almost ready,” Tony told me. “Leek and potato.” He always knew howto cheer me – Leek and potato was/is one of my favourite soups.

“But first…. ” he said handing me a glass.

“Bit early isn’t it?” I said accepting proferred glass.

“Not when your a published author,” he said pulling a package out from under the cushion on his chair.

“It’s come,” I said. There’s never anything better than stating the obvious at such moments, I believe.

Tony handed me the package which I carefully started to unwrap. Yeah right I ripped that paper off  quicker than a kid at Christmas expecting a pokemon game.

Tony popped the cork on the Cava and poured me a glass and one for himself. “To you,” he toasted.”My husband, the famous author.”

“To us,” I replied. “If I didn’t have you none of this would ever have been possible,” I told him.

“Yeah, yeah, ” he teased grabbing the camera. “Photo op” he suggested.

I grabbed the book and stared at the camera. After uncountable hours of work and days of waiting my first book had been published and I had it in my hand. It was all there in Black and White. I had undertaken an amazing adventure with the incredible Nana Janey and had wanted to transcribe my journal in some kind of memorable form. This was it: “The Magic of The Camino.”

front page of 'The Magic'


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