Couldn’t stop touching

We’d known each other for an hour at most. I was well out of my comfort zone, but it felt right. I was nervous but oddly still felt comfortable with him at my side, and besides I was still horny.

“Come on,” he disappeared through a grubby door into a pub. I read the sign above the door: ‘The Swiss Tavern’. The place is still there with a different name and very different look. That evening it was all new to me. New and slightly frightening.

“Hey Tone, that your new piece…?” a blonde shouted from the other side of a horseshoe bar.  I blushed and wondered where the hell he’d brought me. The bar was full of what at the time I could only have described as undesirables. Little did I know many would soon become friends, or at the least good acquaintances.

Tony laughed and winked at me. “That’s Pat,” he told me. “Loud but a heart of gold.” I looked over at her . She winked too. However obtuse it may seem she actually reminded me of my gran. Her face was heavily made up and she was wearing a fedora.It was a face that had seen a lot and carried the lines as proof. I smiled back and blushed deeper.

“What you having?” Tony pulled me closer to him and the bar.

“Lager, please,” I replied and stared into his eyes. He smiled, licked his lips and ordered.

We found a slightly less raucous place towards the back where we sat on a bench. We sat close, our legs touching.  I grabbed his hand under the table. Over a couple (few?) pints we got to know about each other, well at least the basics.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” he asked, my eyes, my demeanour probably showed that I was outside my comfort zone by a long margin.

I shrugged, “Up to you really.”

“Come on, then,” he headed for the door. I followed quickly. Over my shoulder I caught a few more quips from Pat. Little did I know I would soon grow to like her, even though she would always remain slightly scary to me.

‘The Piano bar,’ I read as we headed down the steps to a bar with, what else but, a piano at its centre. Beside it another local character was belting out a show tune. It was Ritalle I was to find out. She was something of a local celebrity.  The barman/Manager served us more pints and we took seats away from the piano.

As I looked around the place I noted how mixed the place was. It was kindly lit (I think the expression is) and smoke swirled in the lamp-lights. We were not the only gay twosome in there. I brazenly rubbed Tony’s leg, he leaned over and kissed me deeply.  Our pints forgotten for a moment we explored each others mouths with our tongues as we explored each others bodies with our hands.

How we managed to drink the rounds we ordered I hardly remember, we couldn’t stop touching.  I was already infatuated with this man before me, maybe even falling in love. I knew then that we would be good together.

“Hey,” the Manager said loudly.  He had left his station by the bar and was standing in front of us. “You’re going to need this,” he added throwing a towel at us. He was laughing.

“Maybe time we left,” Tony said. I agreed and we headed out.

“Night Jo-Jo,” Tony told the manager.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t,” he replied laughing.





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