The Perfect Canvas

What the bleep is the perfect canvas?  Sometimes words don’t come that easily when I read the prompts. Having a visual mind sometimes I see pictures and for me these just three of the most perfect canvases of our life together. Looking through our albums there are so many more.

Mark & Tony - Pride FAVE (2)

Pride in the 90s

22.08 - 07 Tony Mark Montroig - 1

One of our regular haunts in Sitges. 


One of the best days of my life – Our Wedding Day. 

Our relationship wasn’t the perfect canvas on which we had painted our lives together but it was a bloody good attempt (oops bleep machine turned off).

We were given an almost blank canvas on which to work, after all in the 80s no one could really say what a prefect gay relationship looked like. There were straight relationships everywhere to copy or on which to base your straight marriage, but in the parallel universe of being queer no such examples existed in mainstream life. So we set about making our own rules and for well over 95+% of the time they worked well for us.



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2 responses to “The Perfect Canvas

  1. edith

    the words and pictures give a glimpse of your wonderful relationship ❤

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