He looked back and said…

Looking back is about all I seem to be able to do these days

The present is hard to wade through.
The future fills me with a sense of emptiness
The past, now… there were the good times.

We had some crazy adventures, like the time the car caught fire on a motorway in the middle of France or the time we walked into a private home thinking it was our friend’s new bar. Memories of Las Vegas, San Francisco and LA make me smile so filled were those days with light. The days spent on-board cruise ships are burnt into my memory with love.

We built  a life. Bought a place we would call home for many years but at the time could only just afford. Then we bought another in another country we were to think of as our forever home.  We created a family. Some sadly gone now too, but the six still here provide support, and smiles. We filled our days with each other, love and fun.

We had so much and enjoyed so much. The memories sustain and pain me, the good ones framed by the hard times, but when I look back I say I wouldn’t change a moment, I’d do it all  again (and again) in an instant such was the love we shared.

08-08 broken heart



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4 responses to “He looked back and said…

  1. ian brierley

    they never leave you that one good thing mark keep smiling

  2. He’s a huge part of me. I find myself saying and doing things then thinking OMG that was Tony.

  3. edith

    so much love in your words

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