What I say and what I whisper

I have just been challenged to write something every day for the next thirty days using a list of daily prompts. The first prompt being the title of this piece. It may be a whole story or just a paragraph….

I am going to endeavor to stay on the rails with this, but if you’re going to follow the next month’s writing I should warn you some of it might be quite bleak, but may also give you an insight to my currently poorly wired mind.  That’s not to say there might be lighter moments as my mind travels the happy days of long gone.


“Okay, Thanks ” 

‘If only… nowhere near okay. At times just low and finding everything just a little too much to handle, but at times positively suicidal and kept alive by the slimmest of margins.  A near perfect existence shot out of the sky, a love lost that has left me floundering and alone.
Self-pitying and wallowing it has been said.
What happened to the go getter, every day is beautiful me? Squashed by or retreated behind a tsunami of grief.
But you don’t really want to hear any of that and ruin your day.’

“Yeah. Really. I’m okay.”

……………………………………..For Tony



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2 responses to “What I say and what I whisper

  1. Jane

    Life can be so unfair and cruel . x

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